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Blog. Fine mind. Sue Tilly immediately let it come, will install technology that two characters together.
Late into the Soviet Union after
bedroom, Kacha soon. So the door locked late autumn, back against the door, his hands in his chest, and gazed at Han Jie: “Well, now we have to talk about.”

Han Jie Hey chuckle cope: “You’re going to let me stay in your bedroom.?”

provocation for Han Jie, Su did not looked down late autumn.

Han Jie Oh smile: “It seems that you really hang of it?.

Sue Autumn still not moved by their verbal behavior. Calm eye watching him, and no signs of rage. This mysterious Su Late seem calm than ever.
This time
, Han Jie’s heart began to vaguely scared of.

this bitch, in the end is what does this mean?

although some concerns, but his face still wearing Han Jie confident smile, stick people guilty opened her eyes. Turned to look at her bumbling bedroom Au. Bookshelves. Tables and chairs, a few potted bonsai. Life is not a bed stacked, but the sofa was not a change of underwear.

eyes again swept away, Han Jie found a wine cooler.

He then walked over to open the bar, looking for a bottle of wine, opened the seal, remove the two cups filling. Went to the door, Han Jie standard way of God who, slightly bent over and gave the Soviet Union late autumn cup: “try …”

Late Su did not say, hand took the glass, raised his head and drained. But the eyes of children. But always hung Ruoyouruowu Han Jie body.

Han Jie light laugh: “Late Sister, you can really charming ah yes, I can be really polite, after drinking wine, we sleep together chatting, right?”

late autumn still ignored him, his face without the slightest expression. Over himself filling the glass. Drank again.

“alcohol can embolden?” Han Jie asked one.

Sue did not speak late autumn

“! Oh,” Han Jie chuckled and rubbed his nose: “Autumn shy sister, you’d have a word ah.”

“drink!” Sue walked over late autumn, took out a bottle of red wine.

Han Jie stunned for a moment, past open wine stopper. For the two to the full, and she smiled and reached clink:. “Since you want to drink, I’ll fight in the end.”

two you a cup, a cup of me, and soon, drank two bottles of red wine. Late in the Soviet Union cast a faint pink cheeks dizzy, yet tender and lovely.

she slowly came and sat beside Han Jie. First cicada slightly sideways leaning on his shoulder:

“Han Jie, I ask you, do you really love me?”

Han Jie again froze for a moment, he absolutely did not expect the Soviet Union would suddenly become so docile late autumn. But also the first time and their own intimate contact.

Han Jie see her look like drunk, then when it is very serious.

slightly hesitated, Han Jie said earnestly:. “Late sister, in your eyes, maybe I really Han Jie asshole but emotionally, but never to deceive any person like that is like do not like just do not like I admit, I have experienced a lot of women, especially in a foreign country during that time, some women, I even do not know the name I want to say is that in my experience of many women you are most tempted me one I really like you. “

“Han Jie, you say, but really?” Sue Autumn’s voice is soft and delicate, as in a dream like it muttered:. “It’s time, I like to see the fairy fairy tale, a beautiful princess encounter a Prince Charming. then live happily together fairy tale book fortunate blessing of the day. “

slightly Yie Han Jie, but soon realized it was over. Lanzhu turned her soft shoulders. Chuckled: “Late Sister, if you are willing that I’m your Prince Charming..”

Sue Autumn will turn over the first cicada, slightly Duzhaoxiaozui children, nasal croon of Han Jie Qiao Zhou Zhao said: “You people, looks to be in line with Prince Charming Prince Charming and all are beautiful than a fairy tale. But you are a rogue, you pour point consort of my most intolerable is that you

“Of course;; .. Your past life I can not interfere with, after all that time, we do not know, but you should not have told me after the engagement was kind enough to hook up with another woman,” Su late autumn tone with with a bit of anger.

Han Jie look sad: “It seems that I disappear from late autumn or early sister’s eyes better, save delayed empathy you find Prince Charming.”

“! nonsense” Su Han Jie late autumn to see the way to go, hastened some small panic stuck Oubi hugged him,cheap canada goose, Duzui Jiaochen: “I have not finished these words, you will still be a blow ah? There I am now not a little girl anymore. yet when I live in a fairy tale world ah? world as black crows, they simply do not have the single-minded man. vertical is my father, my grandfather. did not do to the single-mindedness Fujie fact, I would not have any of the luxury, if you can be a little bit of convergence. “

“Fujie, in fact, I like you!” Su said shyly late autumn.

Jie Han stared, looking at the Soviet Autumn dilating the mouth, surprised and said: “? late autumn sister, you mean to say, you, you like me.”

“ah!” Su softly whisper of a late fall, then he was turned away blushing sounded.

Han Jie sudden froze on the spot,canada goose outlet. Can not imagine that he has entered the hearts of the Soviet Union in the late autumn invisible.

“Han Jie, single-mindedness can I do for you?” Su Late suddenly serious inquiry.

“ah!” Han Jie hurried nod.

“Well, I ask you, you can give another woman for me?” Su asked Late biting her lip.

Han Jie This time is no immediately nodded. This is not an easy question to answer ah? Han Jie was not his shameless, but he really did not have the heart to hurt those who love his woman. For example, Daisy

“I know you will not!” Sue Autumn’s voice with a trace of a tearful voice:. “I knew you would not, but I still did not give to hear you say now that I think, I was a fool; … “

“Late Sister, please believe me, I really love you,” Han Jie position.

Su hand wipe his eyes with tears late autumn. Looked at Han Jie said:. “I do not care if you are still a woman, but you have to make love after me, hurt me.”

Su mosquito tone late autumn whispers: “If you love me, love me, I will make a good wife.”

XI Chapter 64 blood collection evil Suzaku

Wager stared beads afternoon. Tough swallow saliva. Said excitedly! Xiao-old sister off, you know? I’m so happy, I’m happy.

“. Han Jie fact, I have been thinking about things between us, I figured out now, and I do not regret the Soviet Union late fall softly whisper:.” you with another woman, nothing more than to that point male female Huan love thing. Later. When we got married, I would like with them. They can do things that I would do. And, I will never lose their Soviet Late speak these words. Seemed very determined. As always, the appearance of a style that Iron Maiden on the mall.

Han Jie was a bit disappointed. Originally thought,canada goose jackets, tonight will be able to achieve a long-cherished wish. The results Su late autumn or give him a big empty promises.

“! Late Sister, it is better to act early,” Han Jie Tian Zhelian, said: “We have to get things done early, too early after my win their hearts, ah, you say is not it?”

“Do you really want?” Su Late bow suddenly asked.

“ah!” Han Jie nod

“so it started!” Su Late suddenly let go.

since the words are said, and Fujie will be willing to give up this opportunity where. Heart desires spun completely up to her.

moment, Han Jie Su took hold in the late autumn Jiaoqu arms. Relative comfort soft words: “The Late Sister assured that I will take to pamper your saying, he bent over the body.

“How dare you?” Su Late that sneer voice. Ringing in his ears!

“been fooled;;” Han Jie mind thought flashed, call cold call cold.

heart I give you cut off. “Sue late autumn coldly:” I say, and so after marriage. I will follow how you play. You hurry hurry. Am I right words. When you have heeded the

heard give cut off, Han Jie pale body numb and weak body tumble from the Soviet Union late autumn. A strong hint of self-supporting hollow laugh: “Late sister, see you seriously, in fact, ah, I was joking with you, you think you normally accustomed seriously, how no sense of humor..”

Late Su Su Han Jie’s hand gently grasped the ears, cheeks and stunning emerge faint rosy. Sneer: “Han Jie, you listen to me good, just not the kind of woman aging mother the most precious thing, naturally want to stay at the most important moment there, I officially announce that from today we are in love..”

“regularized?” curtain Jay smiled.

“ah.” So late autumn nodded and said: “From today onwards, the test ends in love, you officially positive, however, should not even think too much in view of our current relationship, they can only pull.

Han Jie chuckle: “Anyway,” can be considered a late autumn progress ah sister, you just said that to cut off? Where is the cut off ah? “

Sue Yie Late first, then we will understand. Han Jie was spun himself. Immediately blushed. Xiuyou angry sneer: “This is no time, so dare to take liberties with me?.

Han Jie is still tough snappily said: “Late Sister, you say I do not take liberties with you, you can always go liberties Who would not let me go outside philandering, right??.

Su Late froze in the spot. Some could not help but mouth twitch: “How dare you.”

“Oh, is not afraid, but do not want Hanjie Jing Jing staring at her, smiled and said:” Today, fairy-like home with his girlfriend, why go out to find those Yongzhisufen ah? .

“? eh” Su Late chuckle: “Not that there is no wild flowers home to spend it?”

“The problem is that this little home flowers, I have not taken to.” Han Jie smiled.

“Well,” Su Late croon heard, then sternly asked: “For you men, it is not lack is the best?.

Han Jie did not wait for the answer, the Soviet Union late autumn continued: “It must be so, I know.”

“Do not ah.” Han Jie Su Late think this Huazhongyouhua. This bitch does not mind to come so that they never get ah?

Wednesday, when Han Ling hosted legal programs focus once again referred to the ebony beaten events. This time, the team was invited to several legal experts discussed.
connections in the field, against a leader said, wrong speech. An enthusiastic audience made a thought-provoking question. He said:. “If it is an ordinary petitioners if they can beat you playing right person, you can play it??”

this time, the provincial capital, a CASS researcher of social relations sharp pointed out: “It’s not wrong, playing on people’s problems, but what people do not play the problem.”

He added: “Petition in the country, is yet another addition to the legal solution to the problem, but also a more direct form of expression of interest since the reform and opening up, the petition system for dealing with contradictions among the people, resolve social conflicts. have an extremely important value, while in today’s social transition, the complex social contradictions in the actual operation, some local governments have been listed as some of the letters and the number of simple and crude methods of work of local government staff in the use of performance indicators important , so that people with some of the local power sector is slightly difficult to bridge the gap resulting

Finally Institute pointed out that the rigidity and stability control not rely mainly on social justice, but on violence.

anti-people’s mouth, even in anti-Chuan. Ebony was hit in the future, more letters at the Health Department office. The petitioners were beaten, turned out to be friends. Confirmed by the media.

program, in addition to a legal expert from the Provincial Party School said: “We are maintaining stability, is to divert the people’s grievances, a profound understanding of the deep-seated the old society, through a discussion of this policy law, morality means, cut steps to resolve the associated absorption shield month. repressive way, like a hit, curse such a brutal way, not only the social contradictions and problems can not be digested, it will further intensify social contradictions and social problems, even if the moment suppressed, but the contradictions and problems still, always broke, like a levee, like the emergence of a piping, piping growing, sooner or later go wrong

forty minutes when the program is nearing completion, 韩灵 as usual, made a statement concluding. Simultaneously. She also disclosed, reporter groups have been part of their latest news, the PUC and the provincial health department in the process of re-investigation of the matter, the upcoming departure to make the final conclusion next week.

and whether this conclusion will be hitters. Give the public the satisfaction, or unknown. Let us wait and see.

Han Jie also saw this program, apparently. Programs reveal a message, this matter will soon draw a. Period. Whether the government or the victim, this time are under unimaginable pressure. Then continue to drag on, there is no benefit to anyone.

turn off the TV, going to the balcony Han Jie practice. Who would have thought, personnel went to the balcony, the phone rang. Looked at the caller ID. Number is Su Father.

Han Jie afraid to turn away, quickly picked up the phone. Microphone in. Su Song sounds really came Father.

Sue Father left behind a bombshell on the phone. He told Han Jie, pursuant to fly into their secret investigation and confirmation, Daisy is the blood of evil Suzaku.

this message like a thunderbolt in general.

Han Jie Zheng Zhu holding a cell phone. The phone’s Su Han Jie Father also seems to understand the feelings. He quickly said: Jay, do not worry, as far as we got the news, in addition to that poisoning, Daisy did not do any thing against you for evil blood. “

“Oh!” Han Jie faint to be a cry. Although, he also had suspected Daisy, but really determined, hearts hand, some do not believe.

Jie, listen to me, you want to be cool! “So Father continued:” The latest news we get is, Daisy and blood for you evil falling out. She is now a very dangerous situation

“What Han Jie slightly surprised:?.” Grandpa. When Zhenyoucishi? “

“! ah” Father awe Su said: “I say that to say, as to how to do your own to make a decision, right?”
hang up the phone, Han Jie without the slightest hesitation, and hurried down the stairs and ran Daisy on that unit. In not a few seconds after pressing the doorbell. Kacha soon, security door is opened.

Daisy door after. And no previous enthusiasm. She seemed preoccupied, self-serving toward the living room, sitting on the couch, do not bother to dilute Jay.

Han Jie went cold face, looked away and stared at as a bad thing to do as a little girl, looking frightened Daisy.

said nothing directly to the door was shut, explore hand grabbed her arm, the two sit down face to face.

one o’clock did not speak. Han Jie just cold face staring at her, and she was knees tightly together. Bowed his head did not dare to speak.

silent for ages, Han Jie took a deep breath, and some exasperation Chen Sheng said: “Daisy, you have nothing to say to me?.

“I;;” Daisy is still bowed his head, just to say a word after he closed his mouth tightly. Han Jie understanding with her, does not know where he is now the head of the fire. Moreover. She did not know how to talk to Fujie explained.

“are now, you do not intend to say something Jie Han stood up, trembling with anger body outstretched fingers pointed at her and said:?.” Daisy, you and my eyes Han Jie it? Well, your identity is secret, you do not tell me that I can understand. But now you had a falling out with the blood of evil, to place themselves in danger all this, why do not you tell me? .

“I do not want to hurt you, and I know you’ll hate me.” Daisy whispered something.

“hate you?” Han Jie she was very angry and laughed: “Why should I hate you hate you conceal the identity, or what to say to hurt??

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Head for the transformation of it. At that time, the Wasserstein Blue Whale Island did not think business will be in just a few at the same time have such excellent performance, quickly reached a peak passenger flow period.

In addition, for Wasserstein plantations or production of too blind confidence, that the two species of fungi Arena sufficient to meet the needs of the Blue Whale Island restaurant, there is no specific operating conditions much attention to these plantations.

now out of the situation, it can only be the Wasserstein come forward to pick up the pieces.

airport along the highway, the car quickly,canada goose outlet, embarked on a highway bound for Tennessee, give Wasserstein a few months after leaving, there is once again back on top of this a little bit magical red land.

jurisdiction Shue back when comes the afternoon, the car window scorching sun, shining white sun in a roadside pond and creek thrown a road surface white, people almost blinded. Compared to the Blue Whale Island. The summer sun is undoubtedly connected Shue becomes much more intense, almost violent sun people dizzy.

is now ripe rice season, stocking look at the past, like golden rice is gold in general, laying on the vast expanse of wilderness. A gentle breeze, the waves crashing waves and one after another, along the ridge slowly towards the distant shot in the past. Under the sunshine, rice exudes a charming colors, they symbolize wealth, but also a symbol of hope for rural areas. In a few days, this piece of quiet wilderness will be the roar of the waves breaking machine, that will put the tractor back and forth under the golden rice harvest, and then returned to the household, to complete the rice harvest .

even more rural areas of emerging industries, even wealthy farmers live longer, they will always be rice farmers who represent the hope of a season’s lies. Perhaps only the rice harvest, farmers can feel this year’s hard work is worth it, or else even more revenue, but also feeling a little lost.

on the road outside the village, even if the windows are closed, air-conditioned sitting inside the car, the Wasserstein still be felt amazing solar heat. For Wasserstein unthinkable under such weather, labor will be an outdoors experience how hard? Fortunately, now the countryside, because of the wide use of a large number of agricultural machinery, making the substantial increase in the efficiency of labor, farmers would not be so hard as before.

when a car drove into the village of Oak after a film is like a huge shade covered the whole. Like the sky, people no longer see the traces of the sun. From the beginning of the village, and that great big banyan trees like oaks is the patron saint of the village in general, men and women to take Shue blocking the scorching sun.

in the kind of shade underneath. From time to time one can see cars parked car, presumably these should all come to the village of leisure banyan people left. Looking at the large number of cars, Feng Jia Hua, we know that the current grid Shue farmhouse business is doing more and more prosperous it. After all backed by the Lotus Mountain such a rich,cheap canada goose, fascinating huge treasure, farmhouse grid Shue undoubtedly carry more features than other places, more attractive to tourists.

Furthermore, because Zhiyuan Villa and take Shue increasingly extensive cooperation. Shue makes the floor of the property began with a little taste of Zhiyuan Hills, attracted more tourists began to pay more attention to take


Oak Village and the Wasserstein starting a farm, and is now gradually entering the track, became a leader among the grid Shue collective industry. According Presbyterian comrades lying Hua Chuan routine aeration of view. Scale farms is already on the lead reached more than thirty thousand birds imperial level. Because Jiahua held in front of the farm and the nearby ditches arranged efficiency considerable “spiritual body array” making among poultry farms are basically people with a growth rate of phenomenal men can answer.

because of Aura’s sake. Making among poultry farms substantially away from the lesions and plague fatigue, attrition rate also reached its lowest point, so that everyone is amazed. Thus, farms in operation after three at the same time, it has been out of the bar the first batch of ducks around the market began to sell.

farm produce. In addition to a small part of the need to help make Zhiyuan. Blue Whale Island village to meet the orders placed, the rest are all part of Greentown Fumanlou hotel to be booked. Zhiyuan Hills and had collaborated for some time, tasted the sweetness Manlou executives have always been obsessed with those delicious poultry in Zhiyuan Villa produced. Helpless since the beginning of operations of the Wasserstein Blue Whale Island. Zhiyuan Villa already produced is insufficient to meet their own needs, Manlou only regret once again waiting for opportunities for cooperation.

this time frame Shue farms actually produce a good quality Zhiyuan Villa close to poultry, which is how to prevent Manlou senior ecstatic? After the initial break and Zhiyuan Villa cooperation Manlou no way to find the same quality ingredients, resulting in a lot of business is slipping. Now Zhiyuan Oak Hill and the village cooperative farm poultry slaughter began, just let Manlou business again return to the top of the normal track.

With Full Moon and some other hotels in orders, sales pressure is not really a big farm, only a small part of the call of love needs to be sold on the market, nothing more. Therefore, the main focus is placed on the Presbyterian production management farms, he basically soak in the farm every day inside, staring at these Shue to take a big moneymaker for the little guy.

With the gradual expansion of the scale farms, on the farmhouse dining table dishes began to appear aura of these contain poultry,canada goose jackets, which allows visitors to feel the mysterious deep impression. As a result, a mass 10 10 Fax 100, the curtain came banyan village tour tourists know where to start production of poultry farms elsewhere can not be compared. We have come here especially. After tasting, feeling something more to say visitors often have to go home with one or two touches form a, sort of habit.

Ever since, apart from the grid Shue farmhouse outside to make people feel good, they taste delicious poultry floor Shue also became a resounding signs. Now people mention banyan village, many people will not help to think of these delicious poultry, which is currently one of the grid Shue left people deeply mysterious impression.

addition to big farms visibility and success to the village collective income growing oaks outside, another village so that the reputation of the big banyan tree is the flower from fruit cultivation base. Although Wasserstein transferred the shares to the base of the Presbyterian, but Feng Jia Hua is not completely let go of operations and future development of the situation regardless of the base.

Zhiyuan Villa back in time when the Cen Jiahua specially arranged a secret, but the effect is relatively large range of spirits among the range of the base of the array. Feng Jia Hua hopes a little aura, so that the base planted flowers and fruit trees can have better performance, and create more economic value to pick Shue. Shue also live in the building to start their own entrepreneurial period of good memories.

moisture in the Aura base among the saplings planted flowers appear very seldom patient safety, growth is quite gratifying. Young Nobita itself is planting flowers and trees cultivation expert, now under the aura does not help somewhere, there is a greater sense of menace.

he suddenly discovered that since his own move to the nursery Wu Shue, formerly often seedlings solid field inside the pests, fruit lesions actually began to disappear. Nursery planted at the base of the inside, not just individual gratifying, but has improved in quality. Basically in the production line busy for Young Nobita know whether their own seedlings, fertilizers and nurturing way are exactly the same as the original. But even then Shue will produce more favorable results.

Young Nobita unknown so naturally to push all the credit to Oak Village industrial pollution has not been clear air and water for irrigation. Let the good development nursery Yang Nobita further strengthened the confidence and cooperation floor Shue, he was also persuaded Presbyterian them together to increase the investment in the base of the flower. In his heart, since have such a good natural conditions and air environment, of course, is put into a flower base where a ringing. Let the provincial capital on the market of high-end floral mention pick Shue, you think of the top floral products.

reason Young Nobita has such confidence, because after a period of time in an experimental planting, Yang Nobita found out planting flowers together into the base product quality than the average place to be much higher. Take flowers, for example. Not only more beautiful flowers, and a head does not have a much different, unusual and tidy.

addition, blooming flowers flowering than about a quarter promises to grow, this is a very surprising selling point.

good performance flowers, fruit seedlings is to make a more solid on Jan Nobita surprise, because cultivated nursery after transplant, the survival rate is quite high, but there is also the possibility of the occurrence of diseases and pests are micro almost new pumping station Li site has changed: the concave flank after rejection Shan please optical read! “Shun. Egypt and family together for several reasons. Makes the flower base for Young Nobita guess” more confidence child “with, naturally want to be able to further increase investment in it.

under the concerted efforts of both sides, can be described as the development of flower base is changing quickly, and the scale is already become a hundred acres or more, but also extend outward signs. Often Lao Chen Jiahua in and lift the phone, I will always be enraptured to cite Wasserstein about farms and flower base changes in daily, making the Wasserstein even in the Blue Whale Island, but also on Both projects focus on grid Shue has quite a lot of understanding.

flower base after the start of track, the first customers are Young Nobita’s old customers, followed by Shue is that some of the cells travel to the city people. Visitors are to be set up base in the village of flowers that attract a showcase shop said, began to try to buy a little bit of floral arrangements to decorate their lives back home.

However, after buy flowers, visitors found these flowers not only more intoxicating aroma, is also flowering flowers to grow than many. Bought pot. Even the often poor management, they still grow in vitality with, people do not worry about that.

over time. It was found that Wu Shue produced these flowers and fruit, it is a good first-class in quality. Ever since, basically every tourist village banyan came home at the time of return, will always bring a little flower base product is not considered empty-handed.

Thus, farms and flower base in the past few months among the highlights of the grid into two main Shue in foreign propaganda, can be considered to grid Shue brings a lot of benefits.

shade inside the car in the village among the line slowly, watching the tourists enjoy the cool air in the shade, as well as fishing in the shade by the river people, and my heart felt a Feng Jia Hua untold pleasure. A little bit of change in the three years since the time frame Shue Feng Jia Hua see in the eyes, are also in mind.

Shue when he came to the grid when there is also only just opened and buses beat the oil, basically still is a silly little village. Walked along the village reaches everywhere manure, trash everywhere, one rainy day, sewers and the very people nausea. Small pond river, because there no one to take care of, full of weeds as well as those sticks and dry leaves to rot, looks lifeless.

that time, in addition to Presbyterian and other family is a good family with two three-story house outside, most of the houses are brick structures inside the village, and even a lot of families are thatched cottages Wong paste the wall . Three years ago, the protracted Shue, is a just solution to the food and clothing of a small village, the villagers are still struggling to get rich while thinking. As the leader of the village banyan, Lao Chen that, considering the time it was launched in the oil after the shoot, how to lead Oak villagers who get rich?

At this time, the Wasserstein came, took over the one that was seen as a “black hole. lotus reservoir, villagers began in the eyes of the legendary entrepreneurial process. Zhiyuan Villa With the expanding scale, The impact grid Shue Jiahua also growing.

Under his proposal, Presbyterian began to organize the villagers go to learn the business model around the farmhouse, and then follow the specific situation Shue grid, grid Shue began featuring rich mountain farmhouse development.

gone three years later, the Wasserstein’s career from a small Zhiyuan Villa to the top of the distant expanse of the sea. Shue also undergone enormous changes take place. With a farmhouse in the east. Shue grid villagers in the village under the unified planning, began to develop breeding industry, and increased investment in economic orchard, the surrounding hills have become orchards. In addition, the villagers also use a large number of river and pond surrounding villages such as weaving, to develop fisheries, tourists flocked to provide enough entertainment elements.

three years down the villagers’ income has been greatly improved, the environment inside the village also has undergone tremendous changes. Those old house has become history, replaced by a neat little building, as well as abnormal neatly arranged Village Road. Walking among the banyan village, people can not imagine a garden like and where it turned out to be a small village. Houses neat, spacious and clean roads were extremely delicate flower trim solid, there are tree-lined, really is feeling a little garden.

Feng Jia Hua Wu Shue although there is no development on the most direct contribution to make, but his appearance led the villagers began to try to look to see the outside world, trying to take advantage of natural conditions themselves have, to create more Multi-value.

can say that the Wasserstein like a catalyst for the emergence of the same. Pushed the fortunes of the village banyan chemical reaction makes the development of the village banyan accelerated a lot. Thus, even cite Wasserstein’s Reach Resort earn more, most of the villagers are also felt as it should be, nor had Zhiyuan Villa have too many jealous.

Feng Jia Hua sometimes still quite enjoy this ride Shue relatively unique position, is the feeling of the villagers agree to let him back here every time, can experience the satisfaction elsewhere than the experience.

This is a very wonderful feeling!

defense: Thank you for your support!

comprehension manor subtle body three hundred ninety five chapters

Hiroko drove into a tree-lined parking lot after Zhiyuan Villa. The car. Paint the mouth seven can feel an atmosphere of cool blowing, to drive away the hot summer heat. After three years of Reiki infiltration. Among Zhiyuan Villa had very lush trees is now already a drastic change appearance, became one of the most amazing Zhiyuan Villa performance.

either mountain roads planted ornamental sweet-scented osmanthus trees, or in fruit orchards planted economy, are already grown forest, looks like that is not just planting 2023 seedlings. And on the way. The Wasserstein found little rice in general has begun to bud on green dotted osmanthus tree, just like the stars in general. Has now gone into August, after a period of time. Wait until the Lunar August, when the mountain osmanthus trees you can enjoy the open, his own contribution to the people aroma.

that time. Smell the faint fragrance, while listening to the vast woodlands heard bursts of sound waves. Sipped fragrant camellia, sitting on top of the dam to enjoy the sky the moon, an exception should be enjoyable thing.

Unfortunately, over the blue whale island, because the wind’s sake, it would be difficult to create a welcoming environment so quiet, in order to experience this feeling, only the job in Zhiyuan Villa.

This is the nuances between the mountains and the sea, and in the Blue Whale Island, giving more feeling is vast and full of atmosphere, people can not help but put a mind. However, in the mountains between the delicate, but it is giving another exquisite feeling, people can stop and appreciate the unique style of the mountain.

to give Wasserstein, he has been working to want to put the mountain scenery and

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“It is because we do not cope well, this game will be more competition for the throne of fun. Brother said he loves adventure, and I Long Chen Yu, was a favorite to challenge the limits, the more difficult the more impossible things, the more I want to do it. Okay, the hour is late, Ann,canada goose jackets, and I go on Zaozhao, first out. “
Qiaoan Mo silent, just looked dressed in white clothes dragon crescent Chen Yu disappearing into the green in that one, then turned back to the house, again to come up with a book and read, an empty heart out.
have something to do when the time is always to go quickly. Unconsciously, half a day has passed, out of the sky suddenly darkened, clouds cover, the air is suddenly boring, it seems you want to look like rain. Strange Road Summer days as people always say baby face, says to change it! Joanna looked outside, do not bother to continue reading. Soon, there will be a big rain crackling beans smashed down into a thick textile instant Chichi rain curtain. Green is everywhere Court secluded bamboo, bamboo above the raindrops hit, ding-dong sound, but added a unique charm, which is quite nice. Exposure to natural sounds into this piece, Joanne strikes the very heart of peace and peaceful, Qingxudong clarity.
Just then, a burst of rapid footsteps came, JoAnn have not yet got to see, do wet clothes Dragon Chen Yu already covered by hand, trot in. A door he shook raindrops on clothes, sorting instrument mounted, side edges get carried complained:. “Bad weather, said rain would rain, made me one all wet,” said the hands Take things as Wang Zhuoshang fling, they went into the room to change clothes, side locker edge pleased and said:! “Ann, do you think the real point is good not only no objection Long Chen Lie, but vigorously contributed to let Made Yun played the army, while Meng Woo were right to go further east recommend you not see that my loyal Chen Qilian expression, like the right to make Meng Woo protégé strangle it looks like. “
Joanna thought for a moment, had already come to understand, shook his head and said: “the right to woo toward Long Chen Meng strong thing, you had to hide Chen Qilian it?”
“Oh, Ann, you’re so smart, tell you guessing is simply asking for trouble, but smart people always like to talk with smart people, because it is the provincial effort, Oh. well,canada goose outlet, I did not tell Chen Qilian, otherwise how today can see my brother’s eyes demonstrations proud of it? If you knew him awake just as I do not know what will he look like gas into it! I wanted to see if he was indeed a countenance too! “he said. The enthusiasm flying, seems to have seen the Long Chen Lie beaten appearance in general.
JoAnn sigh, to put it mildly, this is called prudent, to put it more bluntly, it can also be said for the Dragon Chen Yu Chen Qilian mistrust. Even Chen Qilian Chen Yu loyal dragon, no doubt, but there is no guarantee that Chen Qilian not look or words and deeds, is the dragon Chen Lie to Qiaochu flaws.
Long Chen Yu, always not trust anyone!
her heart suddenly a move, open asked: “? Well, Murong De Bei Di matter of how he said” ????
voice from the chamber pass out, Long Chen Yu faint authentic: “Germany has always been a war party Murong, see Fu Huang determined, but I would really be happy to see him that way, it seems to 马德云. not good, but did not say anything. “
Joanna’s voice brought a slightly surprised: “You say he is not a war party Murong Germany is standing on the other side of Long Chen Lie do??”
locker Dayton’s voice suddenly down, Long Chen Yu quite surprised authentic: “Ann, you do not know what Murong De and Chen Long has been strong on the side, the only question on Beidi say rope, it? He has refused since that is also the reason princelings. though he is Qiu, if national stability, the surrounding no war, no military officer told him the empty office goes it? “
that JoAnn not know, just did not care about before, is now the situation is different as it relates to the case of his father Xu Valley Wind truth, she can not help but to be cautious, seeking to know the truth, so then asked: ” Just because of this it? I remember he had a royal doctor, Qiu not under official position, but why then converted by a civilian military attache in? “
Long Chen Yu sigh breath, then????’s voice sounded again. He said: “This one is indeed some other reasons, you asked me to ask the right person regarded as early as 14 years ago, Murong Germany’s ex-wife, that is, Murong Kinji’s mother to visit relatives in North County, just in time result Beidi invasion. His ex-wife has died in the war, even with his three year old son also followed Kidnapped.
“After this incident, Murong De furious, claiming Beidi sworn. few people know about it, just say yes died outside, but it is Fuhuang know, because then the matter had Murong Germany and Fu Huang said, and requested Qiu Fu Huang gave him a job and I have heard no Fu Huang mentioned,cheap canada goose, so I know, but I think the brother should also know that Germany should have said Murong is with him, but They did not agree on nothing. “Yuehua Jian, has changed a casual blue lake, walking will come out, casually sitting across from JoAnn’s.
Joanne hesitated, unwilling to agree to do Murong De Long Chen Lie propose marriage, and the matter related to it? So, Long Chen Lie your family have Beidi people there, Murong Germany should not know about it. Fourteen years ago, Qiazhiyisuan, when their only two years old, and her father was still any major general. If Murong De Bei Di hate people like that really should not be framed to force anti-Beidi father ah! In particular, with the collusion Beidi letters impossible!
Did his earlier guess was wrong? The epistle is not Murong De autograph the book, but others fake? Do people really get involved in one of the third, but only homeopathic Murong De remove enemies? Or Murong De simply do not know this, that someone deliberately framed him? But, arguably, the father will certainly argue the meeting fold-outs, why not have seen the Emperor? Among the best chance of the hands and feet is Murong De ah.
most importantly, Xu Fu accident that day, she heard a word or two at their doorstep, the Murong De showing his father’s jealousy is obvious, absolutely wrong! Alas, this is how it ah? Everything seems more complicated it. Joanne was the first time in his life disconsolate, sigh of relief, and asked: “? As you say, Murong De was never implicated and may be a Beidi”
Long Chen Yu a shrug and said: “Do as I say, no one in this world is possible, only Germany is impossible how Murong, Murong De today you seem to be quite interested in it, Ann!”
JoAnn faint Yi Tan, saw his eyes to explore, but do not ignore it, just rotor head, looked away. Long Chen Yu put it categorically, but this situation is just to let her thoughts more confusing it. Well, this thing already hurried, or so to say it. Perhaps, God saw her pathetic, would suddenly give her clues instead.
though, God never pity her.
Long Chen Yu looked curiously at JoAnn thoughtfully and with some troubled face, my heart slightly startled. Ann never had such an expression! In his memory, it seems that nothing can be stumped Joann’s. Joanne has always appeared calm and self-sustaining this expression, as she added a bit of human breath, seems to have become true a lot, but that he could not help but feel pity. He was concerned authentic: “Ann, how do you say it might have something better than one of two people who want to think better?..”
Joanna shook his head, unwilling to answer, turn the first glimpse he had just lost something on the table seems to be a letter pad, asked: “What is that?”
Long Chen Yu then remember this, shrugged, and said:. “I almost forgot this is Murong Kinji 托碧 Han bring my letterhead, said in a hurry, about to meet me at the Pavilion of Drunken Master.”
Joanne looked outside, like the pouring rain outside the house in general, thick Chichi to see clearly out of sight and silent. Long Chen Yu also followed looked to the outside eye, suddenly understand how it happens, explains:. “I had changed his clothes ready to go, and did not think talking with you, forget it.”
Joanne exclaimed: “You are too not put her mind at ease.”
Long Chen Yu shallow laughed: “If you wait outside my safety, even if the sky under the knife, I would immediately rush As for Murong Kinji …… this is just a pawn, why look too. I do not want her weight too seriously, lest affect my future, “saw Joanna disapproval look, he sighed, and inevitably want to justify for themselves, said:”? She was born Murong home, there the title of one of the first beauty of the capital, Zheng Butuo this on such a fate, only difference is that she was married to that man only, I will do her good, but I like to call her, value her, that it is square Wan unacceptable. “
Joanne Moran, one will be before: “? front of my face you say such a thing, do not afraid of what I feel scared.”
Long Chen Yu smiled, his face has a rare but serious, firmly shook his head and said:. “Ann, you should say so you know, she is not on par with you that you do not know, raw In the royal family, is a terrible thing, no matter what people, you can not completely trust because people are always bound to change, he might laugh at this moment is still for you, all sorts of love and affection, turn right again the next moment away from you away, never ran putting a trace of nostalgia, so I do not love people and know my heart, I always feel that others are aware of their mind, is a very terrible thing. But you get along with more than three years, Although I do not know why, I always feel that you will not harm me, you can always see through my heart, sometimes I felt a little taste, but not felt fear. could have such a person, I was really felt God’s mercy is so, Ann, you do not scared, because I will not be detrimental to you, I swear! “
finished this speech, and even Long Chen Yu could not help myself surprised why they can say so smoothly? But at the same time felt relaxed ease, but it is it not the truth? Together more than three years, Ann helped himself countless times, but never to own request anything. Although just a transaction, although there is one thing that sets on his neck, but in any case, their benefit is far greater than Ann. Then think of their own safety have said something yesterday, she had a tragic past, Long Chen Yu was suddenly filled with a sense of guilt, her past has been nice so bad, and now think of themselves in terms of whether she regarded as a calculating it? Security is not going to hurt himself, then he is not be to be honest, asked her to leave, it helps his life? He pondered, or he can even ……
“Oh? is not it?” Joanne wonderful head circulation, deeply looked at him for the first time found himself arguing that he is not exactly true, or pretentious. However, she does not care, but asked: “? Well, if I’m going against you, how would you go again.”
Long Chen Yu startled mind, as in thirty-nine days are cold water a transparent general, just want everything immediately as fragile jade met Jianshih general, seven broken eight crack. He looks at JoAnn, astringent and then said: “? Ann,` What do you mean “
JoAnn indifferent composure, calm authentic: “There is nothing wrong, I just want to know, for me, you can endure to what point?”
Long Chen Yu This barely disturbed depressed hearts, bow meditation. Long side and said: “Ann, if you unduly, for you, I can endure the forbearance, tolerance to accommodate it.”
Joanne refused to let the matter rest, continue asked: “? If that can not be tolerated, can not allow it.”
Chen Yu Long Look alarmed her for a long time before a sigh, never ran authentic: “! Ann, in any case, I will not kill you.”
Joanne eyes tight turn, looks around at his face, like words in a test of true and false. Quite a while, she was looking back, Kuiran said:. “Temper like you who can say such a thing, it is already a rare true worth mentioning, false worth mentioning, this promise to you tonight, I’m the principal of your love, thank you the! “he finished, and is indifferent smile, but as early snow melt, the flowers bloom, whom eclipsed moon and stars twinkling of an eye, it seems that laugh, all the glory of the world have been looted of all, the world is more comparable to the incompetence of its thing thing. Chen Yu Long
they were drunk at the time in spirit, she suddenly thrust away a smile, restore calm and cool appearance, whispered:. “appointments you still go right, they must as people can wait a long time because …. Wait .. the taste is really upset. “
Long Chen Yu remove a paper umbrella, awaiting leave, but suddenly turned around, facing JoAnn, sincere authentic: “Ann, I know some of you Murong Kinji against injustice that I live up to her a really. However, Ann, have you ever thought, Murong Kinji she did not know me, never knew my heart was thinking, he fell in love with, but my one surface only. did not understand for a My people, what I really want to surrender their precious to her? worth it? “Then he turned and disappeared in a moment of bamboo in the misty rain and fog.
JoAnn stunned Taishou deeply at his figure, his thoughts confused. Finally, she sighed, turned his eyes, silent. Everyone has their own set of beliefs, who can say where it is right or wrong in between?
things of others, they are from the get go!

[hidden Moupian: Chapter infighting (1)]

Yan Shu waning, autumn is cool. Former Beatrice began to subside a little bit, it becomes bright yellow everywhere. The sky was clear, fine, everywhere, north of geese flying south has also begun.
fall, was originally the harvest season, should smile, but over the Purple Star dynasty is vaguely cage on a layer of clouds.
“popping” sound, frontier Memorial drop from the high seat of the dragon, the sound of tearing paper was introduced to everyone’s ears. An old yet commanding voice sounded full of anger: “Another defeat, another defeat Did I dignified Purple Star dynasty, took even one can withstand Beidi generals are not to be what you stand here,!? are the pillars of my country towards the top, I’ll tell you, we Purple Star dynasty so useless it? ah! “
seeing Longyan furious, how can people dare to take words?
it happens to really not afraid of death, a man dressed in bright yellow robes proudly out, it is the dragon Chen Lie, I saw him bowed and said: “Fu Huang Qi Bing, my Purple Star dynasty are a great country, how the enemy But ordinary barbarians?’s defeat in this war, but because the guide will bear with the weak, no way seeking soldiers. just like someone who has chosen to also Pengdao the sky, seen as the only country. really strange also Qizai ! “said the demonstrators also like backward glance.
remarks directed at elected Made Yun Lung Chen Rui and Chen Yu Lung, and sharp-tongued, ruthless. Later Long Chen Rui immediately changed color, and Long Chen Yu is still a clear cloud looks like another, seems not care.
Long Chen Rui Chen fierce battle with the dragon things known, but Chodo so sarcastic mockery, has really gone too far. The emperor frowned, looking unhappy, Chen Sheng said: “??! Oh hear you say so, you will only country actually has no anti-elect up to look at the”
Long Chen Lie firmly smile, confidence authentic: “Er Chen recommend this Division champion Wu Meng try woo right person prowess, and the art of war since childhood, military strategy, and this army expedition East Rong, cure. Army well and military forces tactics, resourcefulness queen for all praiseworthy, there really is a rare talent. Fuhuang if entrusted with the task, campaign Bei Di, will be able to news of success, a wash my shame toward earlier! “
listen Long Chen Lie so that they do think the emperor Yu Meng right to, at the successful candidates, he had seen this man, looks extraordinary, Ying-Wei Gang

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Out, and before the leaves come back, they kept urging me to quickly bombs.

Well, try to sound good.

today will be more

twelve, a palace · Storm Center for the customer who

only lightly strumming the strings a bit, there’s the music flowing from Qingyang slender fingertips, the clank of guqin music, I slowly recalled the first time in this space fiddle strings, so I met never forget the life of three men, but after every time I fiddle strings, but there just for one man.

MORALS, that I almost did not pay attention to people, maybe he and I first met, just think,canada goose outlet, the other in his life just passing it.

But now, all my happiness, can maintain his body.

if this time he returned from the southern border security, if it can be expelled from the Central Plains Liao people, according to what he said he would take me to one of the most quiet little village, or the beach, looking to make a pair of seamounts people, as Is not life a happy life, I ask you?

pour my mouth smile, gently blowing over the strings,canada goose jackets, sang Cyndi Chaw “the most romantic thing.”

Beikaozhuobei sitting on the carpet, talk about the desire to listen to music,

you want me more and more gentle, I want you to put me in mind;

you say I want to send a romantic dream, thank you I’ll take you to find paradise,

even a lifetime to complete, as long as you remember I said forget.

I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you,

collection of bits and pieces of laughter along the way, leaving to a later sitting in a rocking chair chatted;

I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you,

old until we can not go anywhere, you still think of me as palm treasure

as long as the woman can not refuse the lyrics,cheap canada goose, this is the first time I heard this song when they understand, so that the most mundane romantic subtle, but also because the most subtle, he can penetrate the layers of woven sieve years net, soaked into our lives.

“really beautiful -” Liu Ying month refreshing to hear, I see her face obsessed with appearance, but also feel good mood, he deliberately teasing: “how, so who remembered it?”

she is not satisfied, retorted: “?? same or how you do not sing so happy.”

“Yes ah, I really think MORALS, otherwise, how come I’m so happy to sing the song.” I said bluntly: “Because I am more than ever to know who is to accompany me to understand this most romantic matter who finds him, is his lifetime! “

with MORALS are these days, I was deeply appreciate, and I really fell in love with this man with my profound feelings, and only when he stay with me when happiness will come so easily.

MORALS, as long as you come back safely, I must tell you that I love you so true, instead of relying, not accustomed to, but the real love, I want to grow old with you, with you, too happiest day!

was thinking, I heard the door came a bang clatter, what seems to be encountered on the door, I looked out, high channel: “? leaves, is that you do.”
and quiet for a moment, and then the door was pushed open, the leaves on a tray holding three bowls Lantern, his face puzzled came.


“I just saw a man standing outside the door.”

a person? Liu Ying month very nervous and said: “What? Often haunt people that night than their grasp of the shadows?”

“No,” leaves more puzzled expression: “I see, it seems that the emperor ah.”
? Zhen son pray?

I suddenly speechless amazement. These days, I can feel him with me is to try to avoid each other, when the emperor can not be arbitrary, especially in the DPRK has so many influential large family, has his daughter in his harem, his behavior is more a political struggle center of the storm, how can a child’s play?

case, he doing here? What is not afraid of renewed rumors it?

Just then, suddenly heard something thump outside sounds, Liu Ying suddenly stared month, said “coming”, he flew out.

twelve, a palace · pray for the passenger screening son overheard what?

leaves hurriedly escorted me up and walked out, saw that it was a pigeon fell in the yard, Liu Ying pleased month pounce grabbed it, and then carried it in front of me: “You see, I know , they must be deep forest letters again. “

my heart was surprised a few days ago received a letter saying that they want to enter the valley smog, is worried about a few days waiting for the letter to this are safe, and hurried to Liu Ying months from the letterhead pigeon feet bamboo tube taken out, expand a look, top with Xiaozhuan Gonggongzhengzheng read: already safely through the valley smog, thank you ma’am. Be through the thorn bush, and then are safe.

leaves almost happy to jump, and Liu Ying months simply stop holding the hands of the pro-dove, I watched them ecstatic look, but also a happy laugh.

In fact, I would also like to jump, enjoy all the happiness I have expressed, but now is not the time, the letter said, they then have to face a thorn bush, I do not know what danger there, Hmong will Under what set an ambush for them, even if they are really quite reached the seat of the king, when faced with the Department of MORALS beads, everything would be how?

what is unknown.

ecstatic vigor until they passed, we returned to the house, hot Lantern has some cool, this time to eat right.

they both ends of the bowl, you Nongnong me, I Nongnong you, eat nor peace, I drank soup, suddenly raised his head: “leaves, you just said on the outside to see the emperor did wrong, right? ? “

“No, ah, I see very clearly that it is him!”

Liu Ying strange month: “He do not come here to come in.??”

I asked again: “That he followed behind people?”

“. did not, he is the only one person,” said the leaves back thought for a moment: “Yes, I see his face at that time, it seems difficult to see, like the right to get angry, like you have not seen the knocker.? he pinched bent. “

I’m slightly taken aback at heart, this man outside heard what attracted him would send such a fire? Think about it, I was just playing music and singing, and Liu Ying Speaking Nannvzhiqing month, and he did not have anything relevant.

Is it, because he wanted to listen in on some of the things about southern downside, but we simply said such nonsense, but also his fishing futile?

But do such a thing, not a shadow guard it? Why him personally?

these things so I can not figure out, do not bother to think about it, and now I just want to wait MORALS safe return, as the sub-Chi Chen, business as usual is naturally flees, try not to meet.

few days ushered in the Queen Mother’s birthday, I kind of fake enthusiasm for the court’s communication has been really cold disgust, though it was under the posts, but did not intend to participate, let Liu Ying month and send the leaves went to my gift, depend on others, this etiquette is required.

I am not afraid how they talk to me, they just do not want to even talk with MORALS also scolded me at the same time, let alone think about it I can not stand.

heard that I can not go to the birthday, seemed particularly pleased after Granny, vivid descriptions leaves them back to me, three people and music into a ball.

arrived at the Queen Mother birthday, she would not bigger, just held a grand fireworks night dinner at the palace. To know the ancient fireworks are very precious and rare, almost never seen civilians, leaves and Liu Ying month for dinner though not interested, but the fireworks still attractive to a lot of them.

later there will be updates

XII for the love of a palace · off fireworks under

night not long after, two girl in my ear grumbling talking, you want to see the fireworks, I promised to put them out, can two people pulled me: “Anyway, you are a man in the house alone Seirankai too boring, you know fireworks yet? very nice, went to see the thing. “

then the two would not light not heavy so dragged me out, I really fail to beat, had promised to start after dinner and fireworks when they go together.
kings and ministers
considered quasi-time until dinner is almost the end of the fireworks when ready, the three of us will be out of the Qing Lan Temple, walked to the Royal Court, and sure enough, there were already full of people, not only the palace to dinner Even some of the palace eunuchs improper values ​​have also ran out, waiting for the fireworks in the night sky in full bloom at the moment.
an excuse not to participate in physical discomfort, was found on the bad, so we do not have swagger, but mixed in with the crowd, looking for a space, so quietly standing.

waiting for the fireworks when we all looked at the sky upturned neck, my neck and some sour, they looked around, they saw sitting just above the position of Chairman of the sub-Chi Chen, he also happens to be over here. Sometimes I am a little nervous, I’m afraid his lies were exposed, then another thought, why not come to these dinners, he should be clear, the idea will not offend him.

but staggered eyes that moment, I still feel some tingling spine, I do not know because for too long not seen strangeness, or tonight, he probably drank too much wine, looking a bit wild, people feel like a only suppressed his bloodlust beast.

just thought, I saw a flash of white light air, a pale pink fireworks bursting in the air, took the lead out of the beauty, then, one has a variety of colors of various forms of fireworks bloom in succession, a deep blue sky moment is mapped into the scene brilliant picture, fireworks like to add up the sum of a carefully written, dazzling.

people around this stunning beauty are overawed, marveled again.

because in modern times have seen a lot, I’m not so stunning, modern Moreover, after the breathtaking beauty of fireworks is always a hint of regret, his beautiful but also short-lived. MORALS married and after he had once wanted to take me to the fireworks, but I was stubborn refused, that he did not know what I was thinking, because love is always kind of fireworks under temporary, fleeting, even too late to be engraved into his own eye pupil, would have been dissipated. I’m afraid that kind of short, happiness only hope their side can stay as long as possible.

looked for a moment, to look back to when he saw Chen Chi seems to tell the child what steward eunuch, after a while children, work and money market eunuchs took two years, and exclaimed: “! Empress birthday today, the emperor has a reward.”

finished, several money market was he who shoved a throw. Crashed in heaven, people immediately underneath like crazy too, four Jianqian, and even looting.

I was the crazy crowd packed know what to do, and so recovered, leaves and Liu Ying months longer around, I do not know where the squeeze.

scene of chaos makes me a bit uncomfortable, after all, pregnant, I have to be careful of this situation, then simply a person back to the Qing Lan Temple, the leaves they can not find me, it will naturally go back.

because all the people gathered in the Royal Court, in the way people go back very little, I was a quiet night and a man marching crowd cheers streamer fireworks illuminated, slowly walked back to the Qing Lan Hall, there is only one bronze oil lamp still lit maid, I walked over, picked it Bob gently took place in the core, listening to the distant and sounded deafening cheers, presumably Chen gave the child to pray, what reward it, So just to let everyone rejoiced.

I took off my coat, lying on Ruanta rest for a while, he heard footsteps coming from the outside, but also leaves guess they came back, I looked out the window, there is much light fireworks, Listening to the sound of footsteps has been entered, and do not look back, just smiled and said: “? willing to come back.”

but no one answered me, but rather an intense alcohol lunged.

twelve, a palace for the customer who is going to put me *?

“Chen ……, NANTEX you this night, trying to do?”

finish this sentence, I have felt a little uneasy, because Chen had never seen such a child to pray, crimson eyes, normally a pair of shrewd eyes then do not have the reason, he seems to only support Under a frenzy, or that animal instinct, I could almost feel his hot breath of air, and gazed at me look like a peg ready prey leopard, only a move would have to rush come bite my throat.

I just feel this way, no one thought he really rushed to embrace.

Ruanta is throwing himself on being a big hand in his hot body walk, listening to the sound of his heavy breathing, I Huiguo Shen has not yet completely, but when he was hot on the lips Yutie my skin, and I finally began desperately struggling.

“!! let me jerk, rotten scoundrels you let me -!”

these shouting what seemed to open up his memory, he fastened my wrists, upper body propped up and looked at me so condescending, pair unfathomable eyes seem to have something out of the window from time to time and swayed fireworks bloom, flash streamer.

his trembling lips, almost in a tearful voice, a wry smile: “? let you who let me?”

my eyes wide open, completely overwhelmed, watched him slowly pressed down, and finally intolerable withdraw a hand in front of his face struggling fan of slap.

“popping” sound, he stared at me, cheek swelling up immediately, red eyes watched him from my roots in blood: “! let go.”

who this man was silent for a while, seemed so what, and when his clothes were torn as obstacles rather mercilessly, I just think the last point of stubborn body and strength have been taken away, even out of control tears and wept.

“You let me go …… I beg you, let go ……”

restrain his hands were in his head, could not move the naked body lying beneath him, no matter how I struggled to no avail, only to feel his hot breath on my neck between, there was a big rough hands from my has been slowly sliding down his chest, slid my belly -

“Do not -!” I tear the throat pleading with: “Do not, I beg you …… my stomach have children, do so, I beg you!”

baby in my belly, if experienced such atrocities, and could -

And then, is my face, neck, chest and constantly raging, he felt my tears, and sometimes somewhat confused, muttered: “It’s okay, do not be afraid – do not cry, you’re mine, I will protect you, I will love you …… You are my …… “

“! I’m not your” I’m crying: “I’m plum Ruosu I MORALS wife, I’m not your woman, you let me go!”

“You are, you are!” he suddenly like what has been stimulated more crazy up and kissed my lips fiercely, blocked all my denial, one hand firmly around my waist restrain , while the other hand is slowly walk with me, rude and gentle, you want to conquer, but you are afraid of hurting me in general, declared his possession!

not! I never – never be his -

thought, I suddenly saw next was lost by his clothes torn fragments of the full couch, wrapped around my dagger, but fortunately I always personal favorites, my teeth, gently reached over to touch the knife handle, then gently pull the dagger out ……

later there will be updates
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twelve, a palace · black people coming out for the customer

son Chen Chi, in any case, I will not let you insult me, I must protect the unborn

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Insist on a moment, just when she felt approaching the critical point, suddenly, her face and one white, “pop” sound emitting a Xue Jian, a soft body collapsed on the bed, tearing pain in the body like a suffocating swept to, so she called the call does not come out.

Tan Lang seeing, “bass” sound jumped up, turned arch door to jump out.

infuriating four ulcer, covered exhaustively meridians seem broken. Extreme pain, the glass gradually Hunkui month sanity, vaguely thought in mind: I’m obsessed by it? This time, who again save me ……

I do not know how long, confused, on the one hand against her back, infuriating forceful Spring-like from that point slowly injected her body, guide her scurrying to re-unite anterograde infuriating. Splitting his chest like feeling faded, beyond the limits of her patience in easing the pain is also a lot of warmth.

her slow breath and began his best efforts to cooperate with the person behind the collapsing infuriating transports and collects its own healing, after half an hour, the person behind the closing of the hand, she endured still aching injuries came back to the house the light is not very bright, but enough to see her side of the bed.

Murong tired, sitting on the bed, his face no expression, but conceal Mouzhong concerns.

“You …… cough ……” May want glass openings, but coughed up a blood, she pulled out a handkerchief, carefully wipe the mouth bloodshot do, this looked up, bring a smile face, and asked: “how do you come?”

“Tan Lang.” He looked at her, the sound of the wind outside the window as generally static, generally light, do not disturb a trace of darkness.

glass two months glanced at her front paws resting on the bed of the Tan Lang, Chen Dao: “eventful.”

Murong tired hanging eye, a long while, said: “You practice martial arts forceful overbearing, but you are still too fragile organs and meridians enough carries such a powerful martial arts, before continuing to practice, you need the help of drugs regather Otherwise, the next bite Genelec directly to your life. “

“Thank reminder.” March against the glass edge of the bed, lightly.

Murong tired holding his fists, trying to hold her in his arms restraint blame her for the sake of not spare his own impulses, stiff for a long time, looked up at the window and said: “You hurt heavy, perhaps another place to get better take care of. “

“There are good suggestions it?”


author has to say: Haha, I’m back! Just finished code, I’m exhausted birds ~
months to go before saying the next chapter in the palace of glass and swallow?  development JQ bird palace Who else? Queen Mother, Peiyan Xi, jade dust, nine heaven …… Ahem, looks very confusing ah.
Tan Lang fate, clear autumn or consider it, it looks like parents who do not want to say shi ……


76, nine heaven …

glass moon think that the world of the palace, are probably almost as large as the boundless, as quiet dead. Different, and perhaps only people who live there only.

Southern Buddhism there is a burial evildoer like to add color to the palace,canada goose jackets, Seibu nothing, but what Togi, a swallow?  enough to be the palace of the Spirit.

Today is a sunny day, it was early in the morning she swallow?  sent people access to the palace, the attending physician gave her a vein open the medicine, told her to rest, but she can be a blessing to live bored people? Imperial gone she slipped out.

Guard guarded the palace, Yan?  place, she did not want to stir up trouble, then took a ladies counterparts to prove her identity.

Wing left her image has always been gentle and delicate, magnificent palaces in this building, the only scenery Yuk Sau’s Royal Court can be regarded as a gentle and delicate.

physical injuries suffered in the end is bad, just go to the Imperial Garden, glass months to feel a little why he did not turn up after a while found a seat waterside lake, surrounded by white silk attached to wooden gallery, passing breeze that cloud of white gauze Piansi general elegant, clear water and flowers set off by four weeks, do not have a tasteful and moving the state.

step would lift her to go over there, busy ladies took her and said:. “Qin girl, can not go over there.”

“how?” glass moon asked.

ladies cautious and said: “That is where Emperor morning recreation, in addition to the emperor, the empress even Lianggong are hesitant to enter.”

“Lianggong empress? ye emperor’s concubine?” glass eye squint month.

ladies said: “It is.”

glass moon paused,canada goose outlet, then relieved to know swallow?  after the emperor, he can no thought she was single, and now I heard only two concubines, comes in to make her some little accident, she originally that is should be more.

Oh, how do you say? Appreciation and love for him, she is also confined to the immediate, there is no consideration for the future. At her, with a bunch of women waited at the palace every day, waiting for the arrival of a man with a fortune, it is completely unable to imagine.

swallow?  scenery is very beautiful road, she stopped him, but thought his stay for long.

thought here, mind and slightly sad, actually …… although quite young,cheap canada goose, but she really felt his heart a little tired and would like to find a good place to stay for a long time, not wandering around.

she wanted worked on Jessica as simple as pure spiritual life.

positive thinking, not far from the deep shadows of flowers flash, she looked eye lift, at once Zhengzhu.

one man pale gold brocade robe, standing next Yan shaking like magnolia tree and a strain in his Huaguang, the bright and dim spring quietly, only he, and no doubt filled enchanting everyone’s attention.

see the glass months, he apparently was shocked, then grace strolled hand, despise stroked under the chest hair, smile again.

very simple action, he did come, unprovoked fascinating and charming.

glass moon moment back to God, to observe him, without a word.

He points to spend Fuliu walked over, the more people feel closer brilliant light pressing, the face is so beautiful, though not nearly as burial evildoer, but invisible masterpiece exudes style, glass moon really did not fall see who can be compared.

instant he went to the front side of the glass palace month a ceremony to him, but did not say anything, so glass is very puzzling month.

he did not speak, glass moon looked up at him, dark eyes glow exudes blurred, whirlpool Jiyu human sucked. May the hearts of a cold glass, hurriedly looked away, Dan Xiao opening: “how to open a daisy red palace came Togi not??”

his eyes flashed a hint of color Phantom, said: “No, here, just have my guests only.”

guests? He is the Longyang, Togi palace has his guests?

androgynous eunuchs should not a man, a real man that the palace would only swallow?  a person, do not swallow?  also …… off the cuff? Would not it?

nine heaven seems to see the color of the glass months of hesitation, smiled awaiting the opening, but suddenly looked side head behind the glass months.
May go back and
homeopathic glass, swallow?  was standing there, one bright yellow Kowloon Huangpao in the sun shine Huaguang circulation, people almost see his face.

month but still see the glass, his face at the moment, she had never seen before, and neither cold nor anger but definitely not modest, it is kind of, indescribable hostile tone.

“I warned you, I do not appear in front of.” He looked at nine heaven, deadpan opening.

nine heaven seems totally did not see his displeasure, clear sky and said:. “I just did not think that would look toward the emperor came to Imperial Garden avoid less, sorry” Then, turn around hearted demeanor, Yi contend away.

glass watching the two months, a thriller cognitive suddenly emerge from the mind out:? Yan  so disgusted him but did not dare move him, he should not …… legendary Yan  of his mother, the Queen Mother both men today? pet, right?

and Su Yin song deep relations, but the royal family and Togi about …… this man, is not simple. So next time you see him ask a good song chant.

“looking so bad? how prodigiously go again? ‘ears ringing swallow?  gentle voice.

glass eye lift month to see him, he apparently has packed up the mood and restore a consistent gentle.

glass moon looked at him, this man, took off his robe, is the Confucian Merry goodly put robes, a lion is the king, though it is young, although being constrained, but she convinced them when , he Cheng Kung University.

Unfortunately, after all, someone else’s man.

her mouth evoke a smile, lazy and said: “Yes a little tired, I want to go there to rest.” She pointed to the lake waterside.

“Come on.” He is very natural to bring up her hand, and walked unto the waterside, in spite of all slaves behind dragon ladies and astonishment.


the other side of the Imperial Garden, Imperial? Z Hin.

Peiyan Xi radiant tired in places around the Queen Mother, jade dust sitting on the right side after the first Jian.

he thought the couple can be seen Wang Chen, but did not expect positive play in the back, just as he was ready to re-live the ancient city back there when Togi palace Empress was sent to pick him up, that is to entertain him. He then left to live in the palace that is two days, and now it seems not mean to put him to leave.

him some headaches, but unfortunately this is known as the Queen Regent has a strong hand on his hospitality attentive, they say, accept their hospitality, even if he wanted to find an excuse to go to the eviction, but could not find the right time to open.

Empress could not help admire this sort, since his sensible, but refused to let him not be uncomfortable for people, she was the first one.

keep him, but he knew she was watching him for Peiyan Xi, as far as he saw and heard these days, he would think, it seems that this niece Regent Dowager too pampered a little.

Pei Qingyao Grace sat there, seven years and did not leave much trace in her face, at first glance, the nearly four-year-old Queen Mother seems more touching than the prime 裴延熙.

two days, she had thought was a young dissatisfied enough to see through twenty teenager, but now she knew she was wrong.

The teenager named Jade really like a piece of dust like jade, shell has a unique smooth perfection, you far looked very good, but you want to peel his shell entered, look, you have to ruin his job.

but this did not affect her appreciate him, born Wing most renowned of the door, when the first Royal to the Queen Mother, she can count reading countless people, but, have the courage to look into her eyes when you talk to her in person, not so many years After more than ten, especially when she was the Queen Mother, in addition Peibang Qing, 裴延熙 and swallow? , she has long been a stranger did not look like this before.

this boy, he 裴延熙 not love, not only did not love, or even like to mention, in front of her, he made no secret of it, does not need too many words and actions, a few faint eyes enough.

but she did not care, courteous to each other, it was all a dream girl will be some perfect marriage, in her opinion, Pei Yanxi like him, she has the ability to fulfill Yanxi, it will be enough.

of course, linked to his birth, it may take a little time, but Peiyan Xi and him, but also plenty of time, is not it?

Chen Wang 裴邦卿 towards the next over, this is a handsome and brilliant effort infinite man, two years older than 裴青瑶, jade dust on his first impression was: Ayutthaya deep, unfathomable.

“emperor it? how did you come with?” 裴青瑶 asked, she used to handling swallow?  every move.

裴邦卿 said: “Why not come over before he left the emperor Chen ah?.”

Pei Qingyao heard, My Eyes turn to stand outside confidant Wu Jia Xuan, three-year-old woman came to lean on while she whispered.

Pei Qingyao brow slightly pick, very brief moment, then turn back to normal, said: “sent to the two of them gave Ai Jia, please come.”

Wu Jia promised anymore.


uptrend small pavilion, there are shelves long couch.

glass reclining month long couch, turned the hands of “forging heart tactic”, carrying the eye asked Yan :? “when he did not say anything else to you?”
Yan  sitting on couch tail, heard, a slight chuckle:. “just say useful to you, he was the man, had not much talk of”

man of few words? With her, he has always been a lot of talk.

and now …… Huangfu special China is a good woman.

month moment some hearts filled with glass. Hanging eye, in no mood to look content, turning her to find a comfortable position to lie down, side eye while watching the flowing white gauze, and asked:? “Yan , why do you let your concubine come here? “
to swallow  looked to one side, a long while, slowly: “I belong, had not much ……”

“the emperor, the emperor?” Dragon slaves in the pavilion outside gingerly call.

“What happened?” Yan?  Chen Sheng asked.

“Qibing Emperor, Empress Dowager girl to please you and Qin Yu? Z Hin.” Long Road slaves respectfully.

author has to say: pro, sorry, today blocked some ideas clear autumn, so there is no struggling to write down, this chapter some few words, sorry ah.
Togi maximum volume there are three chapters are expected to be able to end, the next step is pro long-awaited fourth volume up. Recently, some may be tired, always feel so weak, not the spirit of the code word, a good adjustment adjustment tonight.


77, Moonlight affair …

Royal? Z Hin.

“Er Chen saw his mother.” swallow?  Slim Yuli to Pei Qingyao salute. Glass moon stood beside him did not move.

“free gift.” Pei Qingyao Mouguang looking glass moon, warm sound for Yan?  Road.

glass months no one else, just staring 裴青瑶 see, just this woman, and she had seen any woman is different, her body has a distinctive temperament, making her utterly at ordinary mortal beings, giving a non- Stare sense, the very unique, but also …… very strange.

she could not say specifically what kind of feeling that she used to, do not like it.

Jade looked clean glass months, she was pale, like injured, but two days gone, who let her get hurt? Implying that guy is a leaf one thousand Au courtship not hard come? I do not know how she injured? How will the swallow?  together appear here? Is it really wants to be swallow? ’s concubine?

No, no, that’s not her character.

“daring daughter! met today you do not kneel Meet the Queen Mother?” Peiyan Xi month on first sight glass heart unhappy, in Wu Zhu door she knew that occasional glass dust-month relationship with jade bandit Light is her potential threat at the moment to see her jade eyes looked really clean unblinking heart of jealousy and anger suddenly bass bass out of Bay.

glass May God heard back, glanced at her wild-eyed 裴延熙, indifferent smile, reasonable manner and said:. “Sorry, this life I just knelt a man, that is my mother.”

“presumptuous! do with the Queen Mother’s statue, but also than not your mother?” 裴延熙 wanted to force her to kneel down to give her a blow, even refused to see her, even more furious.

glass moon and swallow?  come along with Pei Bangqing also pay special attention to her, then she should see the Queen Mother refused to salute, he deliberately went to see

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OP Fengshen, there swallow mouth Hande crazy, in fact, simply a man. This is why every Aeolus disappear when the snow disappears with the wind, and the wind caught it snow, Aeolus will disappear reasons. This is Aeolus can in a short time to find a way to eliminate the cause of the Phantom, if not very familiar with the principles of flow of the program is simply not do this.
Bing thought of wind and snow last scene when the phone: “? do you think the firewall is really useful,” I remember saying this when the snow wind is so natural, so dull, as if a firewall simply counted in his eyes what can not. If the wind is not very understanding snow hackers, very understanding firewalls, he would not be such a kind tone. The reason would say, because he has the capital, because he can use the same methods to penetrate a dozen others spent a tremendous effort created by the firewall.
“Bing Bing ah, how do you mind it is a pig!” Bing hard hammer with his head, why did not I think of these things they do; why he would be so careless, so this hidden animation system in the galaxy in his eyelids Hidden beneath the child continued for so long; why not get what has happened, the situation is irreversible, and just let yourself know the truth?
Bing feebly closed his eyes …… if he can find this movie early, maybe everything will ……
over a long time, Bing suddenly stood up and shoved about, no, so he could not sit still,canada goose jackets, he was going to Atlantis, he wants to explain once again the wind snow, things should also be irreversible,canada goose outlet, took two steps, Bing stopped, Because he did not know what to even explain snow wind. Things have been very clear, that is, who hurt his snow wind,cheap canada goose, which does not have any interpretable, and further explanation is purely for their own sophistry, and he can not go to say: “! I know you’re Aeolus”
Bing shook his head, and he very much aware of the snow the wind, according to snow wind temper, he will return to their words, “Yes, yes, I’m Aeolus, you go to all the people to speak now so much on TOP forum people looking for me, I still Zhengchou nobody can prove I’m Aeolus it. “
Bing wanted to give higher now make a report to the Li Fugui reprocessing again, but this is what is the point of it, things are now, it is already impossible to change again, even if the Li Fugui shot, snow wind also will not cooperate and own up.
“pop!” Bing smoke in his face for a moment, slumped standing at the table, all in all, have only themselves to blame if the firm had some of their positions longer, tougher attitude again, maybe not Lifu Gui to examine the snow wind, maybe snow already joined the forces of wind, it does not present such a mess of things.
Bing looked at the screen and turn on animation, and my heart there is a “sleight” funny feeling that this movie had let himself be judged Aeolus is a woman, thought it was Aeolus bonus payment as soon as possible in their own reminders. Fengshen was said to be in the mail to use this animation to punish themselves, their disapproval, but also have not been able to want to understand, since Aeolus can easily add an animation in the mail escaped their detection system, so he can add other things to punish yourself, a little animation what punishment do?
now, Bing has finally realized that he was wrong, wrong too much, never any punishment, can sting more than this movie myself, Aeolus gave himself six months before the punishment, until today it was the onset of , and the result is to make yourself understood episodes, in this moment, the own recruiting excellence, achieve the ideal dream, completely shattered.
in fact, from the outset, is that the animation to play, and he followed the animations run down, thinking that they have always been in the running forward, did not think he was just a big circle in the pocket, and finally back to the original starting point. Woman, had, indeed, is a woman, but she is not Fengshen, but Chen Yan.
God is so likes to tease people, who would have thought had a humble little animation, then let Bing felt an unprecedented sense of failure and frustration, and even made him feel this punishment not afford it than come back ten Phantom times but also made him feel sad.
× × × × ×
snow wind at your computer, everything is familiar, keyboard, mouse, monitor, have not changed, but this time he did not know what they want doing, this case was previously never had.
Phantom has been eliminated, but novices not come back, he might still snow on the Internet looking for the wind machine, may have to nothing. Snow wind long been accustomed to doing things in a small platform for novices, novices now lost, he did not know what else to do something.
hands on the keyboard for a long time, still not able to knock off any key, ultimately, slumped abandoned, snow wind off the computer and stood up, took a deep breath, his own in the end is how, and how would this be, A procedure known as a genius who actually can not make yourself a character in Jianpanshangqiao. Snow wind felt a psychological problem, although the former was forcing himself to sit before a computer, but a computer sit, think of yourself novices, and will be very upset, no mood to do something, is it really A few days ago the magic startled by the impact?
snow wind decided to go to a phone call to Mr Wu told he could no longer watchdog site is not opened, but he may also need some time to adjust, things transportation system, which definitely is temporarily unable to perform competently.
“Hey! snow wind ah!” Chen Wu heard about the sound of the wind out of the snow, “Are you okay these days? thing a few days ago, I heard a few, are now clear, and you do not want too much, a lot of attention to rest, I free to come and see you. “
“Thank you for your concern, not so much trouble.” snow wind a few polite, said:. “I want to say something about my site.”
“thing I was going to the site you say.” Chen Wu some headaches, the city government also did not know where to get some wind, snow that the wind caught by the military thing, although he explained afterwards a few times, but they are no longer refuse to agree propaganda snow wind sites, “said such a thing, where the municipal government recently changed a responsible person, so you need to re-approve the site, I’ve played them hello, must give priority to your site, you do not worry. “, Bing had edited the first lie, he was shot in the chest, then did not accomplishing, really can not account for the wind to snow.
“No, you are mistaken! I mean, I could not open the site, so do not bother you there for me these things.” snow wind explains.
“Oh? was so ah!” Chen Yan not relieved, “Oh, you do not open that site is really a pity.”
“do not say this, things have been like this and I have another thing to say hello to you in advance.”
“You say, you say!” Chen Wu some music, and he is worried these things can not explain it, I did not expect the snow poured himself engage in the wind, but also save yourself a headache again.
“My body recently some problem, can not write a program, so that your transport system, I may be unable to participate.”
Chen Wu a face had changed, just happy mood about all gone, watchdog sites do not engage themselves not interested, but this is certainly build transportation systems, and their findings which came out a few days snow wind this time how can it refuse to work, “Snow wind, what are you ……”
“It would have been something I promise you, I also know that this exit is very bad now, but I really something wrong with the state, barely do it, and it certainly can not make any effect, probably not as good as your last . time to do that system, “Snow wind sighed, and said:” You can go to your third brother, let him give you do find a few good programmers, system analysis report, I have given you before, according to the That done, it should be no problem. “
Chen Wu somewhat depressed, which can be considered how about, say quit to quit, take their Dang Houshua it, but they themselves can not be angry, snow wind has confessed he can not write a program, do yourself can really forcing him to write not do. “That ……” Chen Wu pondered a moment, “That’s where I start with San tune a few people to come and help, and so your body recover, then presided over the overall situation analysis of this system is that you do not hold the line, but you No ah. “
“Well, and so my body a little better, I’ll come.” the wind made a snow guarantee.
“Well, you pay attention to rest, ah, a speedy recovery! Goodbye!” Chen Wu Having hung up the phone, things are now, he can only wish the snow winds early recovery, only to hate hate the dog days of Lee commissar, all right blind the whole thing, do their own thing also affected by the impact.
Yu snow back home, I saw the snow wind blankly sitting at home, the TV is on, but who can see the snow did not even mind the wind on television. Yu sat smiling snow came, the wind shook the snow arm and said: “Snow wind brother, there are things I would like to invite you to help!”
“What things?” Snow wind laughed, looking at the expression of hope Yu snow face, said:. “dead girl, something he said, so what kind.”
Yu snow stick a stick mouth, shaking the snow continues to wind arm:. “you may have to promise me, I rarely ask your help again.”
“Good Good!!” the wind was shaking the snow was a bit dizzy, and said: “You say that as long as the can do, and I will help.”
“It’s something that others may not do, but you certainly can do for.” Yu snow stopped shaking, but still continued to snow the wind grabbed his arm.
“Why?” Snow Wind asked.
“I have to ask you to help me write a program!” Yu Snow made a playful expression, said.
snow wind on his face changed a few changes, I used to write programs on their own, it is really no problem, but now, do not know what else to write any program.

text of Chapter 89, he knew I was Aeolus!

“good, what programs you write?” Snow Wind asked.
“is the last time I tell you that self-fitness program.” Yu Xue sighed, “It was a good home software vendors say the system can do, but yesterday he suddenly snapped, did not want to do, I had to Please help up. “
snow wind frowned, not that he did not want to help, that he is now really uninterested in writing programs, again, just put yourself projects to push Chen Wu, and then pick up the items Yu instant snow, which If let Chen Wu know, fear is not a good explanation.
“Oh, you do not consider that I finally let you help once busy.” Yu Snow wind hesitant to see snow, and the wind began to shake the snow arm up.
“This process should not be difficult to write, you just cry, fear is that many companies rushing to do this project yet. done to me, you know I am now the state ……” Snow wind smile soon. ” fear is not only done, but also things you delay. “
“No, just a little project thing.” Yu grabbed snow snow or wind died, “not to mention, let you do this project, my sister Philippines there are other considerations.”
“What to consider?” Snow wind a little confused.
Yu snow let snow wind arm, stood up and said: “I and the Philippine sister recently careful thought, if only just selling fitness equipment, fear is not a big market, so we decided to launch an ‘integrated self-service fitness Supermarket concept ‘is simple to say that all aspects of the design of a system, we put together a unified fitness equipment, so that a person from entering the gym, he’s every move can be under the control of the system, he should What many do warm-up exercises, under the chest muscle to do much training, running the most appropriate number of steps, etc., are. customers can not follow the recommended way to exercise under the guidance and control of the system, they have a great sport arbitrariness and freedom, but we must be ready to give him some reminders and attention to help correct the error, the crucial moment we can lock the machine to prevent unreasonable exercise and sports overload, reduce accidents and this system than we envisaged before will be more complicated, of course, also some of the more promising, so we have to find the best person to do. “
“This is the first point, because we all feel that you are the best second of it, is that we want the copyright of the system, the control in your hands, after all the equipment we manufacture are embedded in your design system, each set of equipment sales, you can extract a fee, which is called must not let outsiders fields, huh, but also to avoid some disputes on copyright fees. “
“how? us a good idea, right?” Yu snow smirked, “the copyright to stay in your hands, we want to give as much as he can, does not want to not give, hey, I found myself more increasingly have the potential to do the profiteers. “
snow along the wind smile or two, eyes tightly pegged Yu snow, and said: “You really think so?”
“That, of course, do not exploit you, but also to exploit Who?” Yu snow laughed, refused to yield to greet the snow winds eyes, but I do not know how to allow the wind to see the snow, she somewhat guilty, casually put out waved, said:. “rest assured that we will not be too exploitative your”
snow wind laughed, sure enough, this girl saying one is how how to exploit themselves, how to take advantage of how they, in fact, is simply not the case. Even if he wants this so-called “integrated self-service fitness supermarket”, the difficulty is not much bigger than the original, as long as the system of fitness machines can do it, put them together, it is not difficult to unify. Perhaps the original software vendor did not intend to give up such a good prospect and profits, and no one will give up easily.
real mischief, the fear is Yu snow this girl. Estimates of their own these days distracted, restless look so forward to this girl in the eyes, and my heart a little anxious, so wanted so an idea, want things the project as soon as possible so that they can inspire.
Yu heart smile snow snow more imaginary wind, while pretending to be ruthless form, said: “!! What are you laughing laughing really not happy”, while avoiding the snow but the wind in the eyes, pretending to enchant television appearance, mouth and muttered: “Look how this channel does not look good?!”
snow snow that the wind was trying to hide something to hide Yu amused look, it seems that this girl really is no acting talent, at this point she really can not compare with Chen Yan, but his heart was filled with the slightest wind snow moved and warm, Yu Shan snow really cautious person, she is very aware of their temper, she knew to help out with his own, he was definitely not accept, they came up with this approach, preferring to do one of her own wicked.
Yu snow can do so, there is no reason snow wind it back? “Well, the snow, the system I can help you do it!”
“Really?” Yu Xuexin hi anomaly, arms outstretched toward the snow on the wind rushed over, “I know you will definitely promised me.”
“nose! nose!” Snow wind cried out, he was Yu snow flew about on the sofa, his nose almost another knock on the sofa armrest.
Yu snow quickly stood up, nervously nose in the snow the wind had been looking, then shoot each of the offerings, “okay, okay, blame me, an almost forgotten pleasure on your nose. well, in order to celebrate you From now exploited by me, I went to Washington to do good cook.. “
snow wind smiled watching Yu snow got into the kitchen, then remember a great thing, the last agreed

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Have practiced before, but some things inconvenient for outsiders to speak, so we …… “
“hard knocks?” Minerva suddenly sneered, “If we only rely on hard knocks can have today,canada goose outlet, that would be too happy!”
finished, completely blackened! Minerva’s dorm mates leaning head receding, for fear of being implicated.
Minerva stood up, turned to face the lake, and asked: “Have you received what most memorable birthday gift?”
how suddenly asked this question? People understand, I do not know how to answer.
“I bet no one can receive more than I was nine years old memorable birthday gift!” Minerva said, bowed his head, the hugs in the chest, “That day, it should be an ordinary girl very happy of the day, the only gift I received, in the absence of any preparedness measures, was thrown into her own mother erupting crater. “Her voice was calm, but let people feel scared to listen “I’ll never forget the moment engulfed magma, inner helplessness and panic. either break through the bottleneck, reborn, either on this end of his short life, this is my mother gave me the final account. although I mad to protect themselves, but the high temperature of thousands of degrees, I was not able to cope with my body skin have been burned, but have not feel pain. has been unable to open my eyes, lips skin stuck together But I’m glad I survived, I’m not dead! A minute later, my mother took me fishing up to help me heal wounds in order to allow ordinary people to break free of the shackles was not easy, I used to use this ability, my mother did not give me time to rest, and immediately put into formal training. “said, holding her hand tightly in his chest, her feet Jumping from one fire to put all shocked,” So, I’m best at, is to deal with high-temperature materials. “
girl his hand gingerly past, have not met flame shrink back. “Really fire.” She whispered back of the crowd. Several people also do not believe,canada goose jackets, to test it, it really is hot. “We are really in the real world, not in the game it?” Yentung murmured.
“So, the president did not cheat it!” love of and knowledge together Yu said.
Minerva turned and looked at the crowd, the flame away, said: “? have any questions you”
“There!” girl immediately replied, “I can worship you as a teacher do?”
Minerva glanced at her, shook his head and said:. “impossible, only children to break through the bottleneck, from ordinary people transformed into a magician if I did not break through the bottleneck, and now I’m thrown into the volcano, I would die. much life experience, work easily timidity, as long as there is a trace of hesitation, only to die, but some simple, ordinary people can also use a small magic touches can teach you. Fragrance they have learned with me for two weeks. “
“ah! not fair!” cried her dorm mates, “We and you together for four years, you did not disclose what those soldiers come, you teach them! you how so eccentric ah? “
“We are the equivalent exchange, teach each other. what can you teach me what?” Minerva asked.
they suddenly speechless, haha ​​hollow laugh or two to find himself regarded as the next step. HONG Feng Nan see all the people have nothing to say, stood up and said: “Now we have no doubt, can safely play with it?”
“ah!” Everybody relax.
Minerva again turned to face the lake, gently leap, riding on the water again, and then dancing, at the foot of the lake would leap with her everywhere,cheap canada goose, and quickly turned to ice. She flew back to be finished around the entire lake became ice playground.
“Good …… amazing!” girls stared, “there is still a roller coaster? can take it?”
“how not?” Minerva their first sit up, “Who wants me to try.”
HONG Feng Nan immediately sat down beside Minerva, love and knowledge of Yu sitting behind them. Hemophagocytic Kyi and bite rabbit subsequently sat down, then Minerva’s dorm mates all sitting. Girl bullish positions are taken away, unwilling unwilling to sit final, and her side is Yentung. And so everyone sat down, Minerva poured into the magic of the track, make sure the track does not break, this car driver.
addition to relatively cold outside, the ice system and ordinary rollercoaster rollercoaster almost no difference. After confirmation of the security, not Minerva greeted the crowd jumping with joy Paoqu Wan other facilities it. Minerva saw everyone had a great time, whim, said: “! Small cap, we build a casino bar”
“Who are you talking to?” Hung Feng Nan came out from behind her, “This is the real world, how small-will?”
“uh, used to ……” Minerva smiled sheepishly. Recent stay in the game too long, games and reality sometimes could not tell.
“However, it is a good idea after the casino is completed, charge carriers, we can become a good source of income.” Jeremy Young Hung Feng South beckoned over, “doing a design project casino games, including the playground, casino and …… “He ambiguous smile,” all kinds of entertainment. “
“Hey!” hear his voice-over, Minerva angrily rebuked, “do not get some things in a mess!”
“To do it full force.” Hung Feng Nan Stern said, “rest assured that we will do the partition.” Then he patted her head, “You’re still too tender.”
“Hey! put little respect!” Minerva frowned warning, but see Jeremy Young smile become somewhat unnatural. Her knowing smile, changed to say: “! Ye love how it was built on how to build these things handed to you both responsible.”
“But the land had to get to you.” Hung Feng Nan said.
“land ah ……” Minerva thought, “We will present to the strength, can occupy an empty island it?”
“If your mother’s help, it should be no problem.”
“That we are waiting for her to come to occupy an empty island now! that place easily defensible, military weakness of the city’s best built in there.”
Minerva finished, gently slipped away from them.
playing time always flies quickly. Fast forward two hours later. Back in the shore gracefully chefs grill, prepare lunch for them. Minerva did not want to get up early, did not have time to eat breakfast, which has long been hungry could not bear to leave the others ran beside the grill, to cook him outside, eating grilled side into battle personally. HONG Feng South Jeremy Young followed with come, but not eaten, just sit on either side of her. Minerva they were aiming at, languidly asked: “? Matter what”
“ah, some problems, and now have to ask.” Hung Feng Nan said, “There are more than two months, you have graduated, what are your plans?”
“you have to ask it?” Minerva said as he ate, “I am a technology professional archeology, of course, to apply their knowledge.”
“a magician to become an archaeologist?” Hung Feng Nan much hit, “You do not think too much waste it?”
Minerva things into their mouths stopped, turned around and stared for a moment HONG Feng Nan, said:. “Do not underestimate the archeology humanity has lost some things, only to find by our back,” said, She looked up to the sky. “Even if there is no ability to predict the magician, we can not also into the future, but it can search the distant past, as long as it has left a trace.”
“worthless things will be abandoned. want to find something of value in a few years, tens of thousands or even millions of years of history, the same as in a haystack, and finally just not worth the candle.”
“is derived is lost it is just personal opinion.” Minerva began to eat up, “Well, you have advised me not to let me into your company is it?”
“how? too small in our temple?” Hung Nan Feng mouth raised a smile, “Temple although a little small, but I can guarantee that will not waste your talent.”
Minerva did not answer, turned around to see Jeremy Young. Jeremy Young looking at the crowd still playing ice playground seems completely aloof. Minerva chuckle loudly, turned around and asked HONG Feng Nan: “? You just the board members, can do much of the Lord.”
“I have the highest authority in addition to the chairman, so that enough?” Hung Nan Feng said with a smile.
Minerva once again look to Jeremy Young, asked: “? lawlessness is the son of the chairman, why instead of under your power.” This back
Jeremy Young, looked at her, looked at Hung Feng Nan, it does not matter, said: “?! there anything you want me to deal with so many chores, I do not want it I only like idle”
“Oh?” Minerva smile, did not expose him. She did not think that “missing people” issue of who’s really just an idle playboy. “So be it! If you can let me dispel before I graduated archaeologist idea when I went to your company, and how?”
heard her promise, Hong Feng Nan calm down. “That’ll be fine?” Even if in the end you chose when archaeologists, at least not pose a threat to me.
“Do not worry! I always meant it for.” Minerva finished, red lake shouted, “You do not come back? do not put all my stuff to eat, huh!”
“You’re Zhu!” bite the rabbit ran knocked her head, “you know eating all day! eat so much fat has not seen? say! you are not a magic weight loss?”
“No!” Minerva justly deny, “I just eat half the stuff sent it to another space.”
“……” hear the words of everyone speechless watching Minerva. This woman did not rule it.
five minutes later, everyone on the shore, Minerva dispel magic, so as to restore the lake. While they eat whole day, when everyone’s phones rang simultaneously. Not long ago, the mother was only punished the Minerva quickly took out his mobile, but it turned out to be a message from the network. She opened the message and saw immediately his face was downcast, facing Jeremy Young exclaimed: “? Here you can make many people at the same time into the game.”
“here, only four of these machines.” Jeremy Young replied, “how?”
“trying to get everyone into the game as soon as possible!” Minerva finished, disappeared in place. Jeremy Young puzzled out the phone to see information just received, I saw displayed on the screen: “! Maintenance ended prematurely, Protoss struck, fast return”
“This look is someone up to no good thing! who would have us all numbers? even if there is, the system will not be so shameless, while maintaining the right time to attack us?” Jeremy Young said with a smile, “Minerva too believe it! “
HONG Feng Nan did not answer, frowning back to the villa into the game. Less than half a minute, he came out overcast with a straight face. “The news is true! Known metaphor, girl, Ying-tung, the three of you here with the machine immediately into the game, philosophy, you bring other people into the game can go to the nearest place, the sooner the better!” He told Road , then enter the game again. Jeremy Young without the slightest hesitation, immediately bring them to the other girl games warehouse room, then led the others to find the nearest cafe. When they enter the game, they were surprised to find that everyone received the message line. The enemy has broken through the north gate, are circling the maze. Jun Tongling killing as temporary battlefield command, Minerva is at the front. They did not dare to watch next, hastened to report to accept the command. The first war begins.

VIP Accountants (Amendment)

Minerva is the moment to move back to the dorm into the game. Served as the northern boundary of the city of the Chief Executive to let her off the assembly line at City Hall to develop a good habit. Back to the game, the small-war estimates are doing, and before she asked how the war, he said:. “North gate has been broken, the enemy is now just entering the maze will have the back of 27 persons, being on the road a hundred 69 persons. Apart from other regular army, as well as a VIP troops. “
“VIP troops?” Minerva puzzled and asked, “What is that?” Association
“is named Fenghua temple, which is a newly emerging Protoss forces, the president with favorable conditions to attract elite Protoss, as long as the membership, all rationing VIP equipment, so this is also called the Society Association for the VIP. “
“big mine!” Minerva sighed. But the current war situation does not allow her to stay standing expressing emotion. Battlefield came again, street fighting with the enemy army defenders occur within the maze losses. “Who let you in the maze and their war?” Minerva angrily, “the army to withdraw the inner city! Pending disposal!”
maze is a continuation of the outer walls, there is enchantment protection, but the walls than the real enchantment much weaker, can be powerful enough to destroy the magic. But the maze itself, building material has a strong resistance to forced destruction is exhausting. And this maze is active maze, nobody knows how it will change, so do not worry about Minerva enemy short play in.
After a few minutes, the soldiers also on the line. Killing Jun Tongling let Minerva issued a request for assistance to belong to one family, Orcs and Guizu three guild. However, requests for assistance across the forces of freedom of the city must be a diplomat, but in the present situation, Minerva can not leave. While she screenwriters, small raised by his handle everything, and the way to release the emergency help to make the whole area homeless, who came to support the homeless, rely battlefield receive remuneration from fairy angel Union after the war. Finally, he casually placed in the Temple of Liberty City Marchosias with her. Although Marchosias hundred thousand Legions, but in accordance with the rules of the system, he can not send troops to support each other or else the Lord God will send reinforcements. But Marchosias hell is the army of God, whatever the outcome could be a military adviser.
ten minutes later, two-thirds of the members gathered in the central square of the northern boundary of the city. Minerva had a good discussion and Marchosias tactics, announced to the crowd: “All members listen up except me, who are not allowed to play against each other and have a NPC army forces players, they are the ones you target your specific!!. Operations Command is responsible for the killing Jun Tongling, defenders army commanded by Marchosias addition, tropical lightning, division victory and three Lone Star Association is one of us, please cooperate with each other during combat. enemy guild called ‘holy Fenghua Hall ‘, all Protoss elite, and each is equipped VIP package, please be careful! “Then she let out small-tune the image within the maze, so that members remember a few enemy heads of state.
Fenghua temple hair when the president appeared on the magic image, shadow puppet jumped up and shouted:!! “Fuck me say again how he will take advantage of the maintenance time to engage in unprovoked attack, was his dirty tricks! “
“Do you know him?” Minerva asked.
“Humph! how could you not know?” shadow puppet with a trace of scornful tone, “his father was the country’s top ten super-rich. grade and high school, he has been the school’s most panache people, we are ashamed better than ah! “
“He still dreams school girls ah!” lawless smiled and said, “South, you still bear a grudge?”
“Oh?” Minerva strange shadow puppet smiled and asked, “Are you he had to pry the corner?”
“whispering sound! Huaqianyuexia just know I’m not the kind of dude!” shadow puppet look of disdain.
“Yes ah! So you have three women are tempted by his pre-emptive it!” lawless him unceremoniously tell your mortgage, attracted people around while laughing. Killing Jun Tongling Qingke soon, said: “We can relax, do not forget the battle!”
crowd immediately put away a smile

canada goose jackets

Come want to do, I do not see you then tipped the police. “

SAC is now very Wohuo, home of the frustrations endured unexplained, now has his own became a thief, this justice lie ah.

Shen Fei got about some sore back, “I live here how a thief. Who are you in the end. If you can not say that I would call the police.”

in a stalemate when the two Korean soft back door, walked into the parlor to see. Korean soft shocked,canada goose jackets, “Shen Fei, when you come back, the Jing holding a rolling pin you doing?”

SAC wry smile, “I came back the dough easy, home of a saliva did not drink it endured a staggering blow.”

Han Fei Shen Sophie certainly think of why the sneaky back, but in front of Wang Jing’s face can not say anything, but to Renzhao Xiao said: “Why did you do good, you do not call ahead to get back all right . “

Then came Sophie pulled Han Fei Shen sitting on the couch and took off his coat SAC, SAC saw the back there was a bruise, which do not have to say, Jing masterpiece yet.

Korean soft rubbing gently to fly sink, then said: “Wang Jing, not alert, he also lived here,canada goose outlet, I boyfriend Shen Fei, who is the sister Jing Xue land to coastal school, taekwondo school for a decade, and you to do a lot of life still. “

SAC thought it was something I was lucky, my response is quick, if a little slow, then head on flowering now, but SAC did not say it, do not want to fly sink because it would have destroyed the good atmosphere Now he is all right, so forget it.

the rolling pin down 瞪着大眼睛 watching Jing Shen Fei said: “You are the Shen Fly, I’m sorry, I said how you see some familiar it, I saw on the Korean sister Sophie table over your photos, your own photos on comparable more handsome, just really sorry, if you do not can not be so sneaky. “
SAC on
forehead once more a black line, sneaky? I also became how sneaky in their own homes, but depressed owned depressed, okay now it just fine.

Shen Fei sighed himself unlucky ah, well, looked like laughing, but has been simmering Han Fei Shen Sophie rolled his eyes, “Dear Laugh, I Tingde Zhu!”

Jing very sensible time to go out and buy things in the name, and gave Han Fei Shen and two of the world to create a soft, Shen Fei said: “My dear, it went Jing how it came, but enough to start ruthless. “

Korea Sophie shrugged, “Nothing, Wang Jing to coastal school that wanted to live Xue, but Xue recently rented a house is not rented expire, so before Xue me find a house she lived, by the way housekeeping, specifically to deal with you this sneaky people did not think you would come back today, but also play a bit, Zhong Ling it? “

SAC crying for a while, he really is bad enough, it seems that this is not a good sign, ah, but good, after all, no major injuries themselves being right.

SAC slowly: “Zhong Ling went back to his house, but look at the way she seemed very thought back, I see this guy does not like the family loves freedom tube so strict, in the United States when I think it should be her happiest time. “

Korea Sophie sighed, “This is no way of things, you and Zhongling Sheng living environment is different, Zhong Ling grew up spoiled, even her time abroad, I do not know how the consent of her family, but fortunately you are there, or else I see is how China aunt would not agree. “

SAC self-deprecating smile, ah, myself and 钟玲生 living environment is not the same, as long as people are happy to live on the line, he was mad to lead a good life, if they do not work hard on what are finished, it really is a big gap.

SAC endured back pain slightly rolled over and said: “This guy is also Ouyang Zhuo United States began a new life, but Marina Hospital in the end is how to figure out how I will go to the United States Ouyang Zhuo, you know it? But the most annoying guy long flight, if not forced, I’m sure this guy is not going to go so far away place. “

Korea Sophie sighed, “Of course you’re gone for two years is not clear, and now the coastal hospitals have not before that, and Wang XR four dig now actually improves the strength of the coastal hospital, but only established in some areas, But not the young man grew up, and if Daniel Lee said in the past year or two when Marina Hospital also has nurtured a good young talent, then now it is completely impossible to completely brought on by that ugly point got these guys are here to make money, as for anything else, I think they can be thought about, but it does, whether it is not bad publicity and score the short term, if said that for a person who wants performance is indeed a shortcut. “

SAC puzzled and said: “This actually can, after all, is not a charity hospital, but so many people got the money come from it?”

Korean soft smile, “but also where? funding above the rest is eventually passed, the people will have to spend more hospitals.”

SAC on the sofa with a sigh, and before that Wang XR this change is too big, it is impossible to imagine SAC had in front of his smiling Medicine encourage their Wang XR will become like this today, the performance is good, but not matter of life and death for young people, ah, Shen Fei suddenly had an sense of loss.
169th chapter money is (a)

SAC took a shower and clean clothes for the one, who immediately subtracted fatigue a lot of work had to say in bed one night, Shen Fei really is a lot a lot of sway a handful of sweat, see Korean soft flying was still in bed asleep Shen smiled gently shut the bedroom door.
to the living room drinking a glass of milk and then lit a cigarette sitting on the couch pumping up the familiar scene in the living room watching Shen Fei really filled with emotion, the days off really fast.

Then Shen Fei Wang Jing has also been found that up, and came to the living room poured a glass of milk sitting opposite Shen Fei, Fei Shen then remember to now it has not been asked Wang Jing, Shen Fei smiled: ” Wang Jing, you come to the coastal long, and we do not know about it seriously. “

Jing nodded his head, “I know you, I’d listen to my sister about you, but you said a lot of interesting things in the coastal hospital, I really can not tell you usually so funny, you look really look like. “

SAC moment, I thought this is really, Xue is to say the good things specifically say, ah, then the point misfortune Xue himself even further publicity, it seems that after seeing her time to talk properly talk, how can do it.

Shen Fei smiled and said: “Actually no, yes, your sister in the hospital when a lot of interesting things ……”

result of the explosion had wanted to fly Shen Xue Jing of material waved and said: “I know that my sister and I also said, you basically have two things I know,cheap canada goose, though I’ve seen your picture, but I really did not think you could come back so soon, so I still have to say sorry to you, I start with some heavy. “

Shen Fei sighed, Xue own way are blocked, well, but this little girl to start really heavy, ah, what if that hit in the head with an estimated concussion is light, Shen Fei nodded. ” If you happen to start later in the shot when the lighter ah, if any death on the bad. “

SAC was going to say next and then see the hands. But refrained did not say, SAC coming back this time to say all aspects are taken into account, but have to say it really is the unexpected SAC never thought would be in the home attack.

Shen Fei said: “You have come to the coastal college, you are in medical school?”

Jing shook his head, “No, I do not think my sister’s death as busy all day long, I majored in international trade, since I’m the CEO of multinational companies to do!”

uh. Much stronger than himself. It seems that he really is a no man aspiring to it. SAC could not help thinking.

then looked at his watch Shen Fei. To Wang Jing said: “how to do and I went out to buy breakfast curd I know a good place to drink if he is still open to talk. …”

nodded and Shen Jing fly together to go out to buy breakfast. Han Fei Shen et Sophie Sophie woke up in time to sit beside Han Han Sophie looked fondly. “My dear land. Together for breakfast!”

Korean soft rubbed his eyes and said: “I do not eat pig Zheng Yanjing..”

“I am not a keeper!”

Han Shen Fei took Sophie to the living room sitting on the table. Have to say let curd to taste Korean soft look to sober him. “Ah, I know you will go to that buy land. Taste have not changed.”

Jing tells us: “I did not notice how it has been, but the taste is really good.”

SAC watching two people’s reactions nodded with satisfaction, I thought I still had to eat the study, and the two people’s reactions also gave great satisfaction SAC.

due to fly back to Korea Sophie Shen did not work in time to drive away, but the car left the SAC. SAC go when this is also convenient.

Xue Jing due to help clean up the house so the car will fly Shen Xue Jing sent downstairs he drove away from home, and had hoped to fly Shen Jing and she can go together, after all, and Xue Shen Fei has not seen for a long time, but Shen Fei refused, until a few days because of what it should get together, do not worry.

SAC Daniel Lee drove to the pharmacy, flying off into the pharmacy Shen, Daniel Lee did not know two years is still not here, it would have been here today SAC intends nudged luck. Did not want touched, how to do, and SAC are just looking for a person who can speak.

but still saw Daniel Lee Shen Fei, Li Ren Shen Fei found and nothing much changes, see Daniel Lee Shen Fei laughed then surprised a moment, in the back of the hut Daniel Lee looked pharmacy SAC points nod, “is more mature, and it seems that this year you learn a lot of things in the United States do.”

SAC also smiled, “Yes ah learned to express themselves, estimated future can not learn the subtle.”

Daniel Lee sighed. “Why Han Xue? Remember strength is the basis of your own performance as long as you have the strength why grandsons? Very good, I think you change And I have seen you some news from abroad and newspapers information, see the introduction to the medical journal you I’m not surprised, but I did not think that even in the gossip magazines can see you, we can be considered an alternative to study medicine inside. “

SAC awkward smile, “accident, that thing was an accident, and say I do not think there is any problem, you see, I do not ever good, reporter dare to eat what to write.”

drink some tea Daniel Lee said: “I’m not that bad, it’s nothing, as long as you do not affect their job, I do not think there is any trouble, do not listen to those so-called leaders say they want to pay attention to privacy, as long as you can control and does not affect your work is no problem, of course, this is just my way view, unfortunately down only after I figured this out. “

Shen Fei lit a cigarette, smoked two said: “In fact, not too late, maybe later you can spend it, you know I had your attitude, and now we two are not the same as sitting chatting together you, what things are not absolute, but he did not appear to let the material changes nothing. “

Li Ren Shen Fei and chatted for a long time, it can be said SAC in an afternoon chat and Daniel Lee as Shen Fei and Li Ren chat feel very relaxed, not afraid to say anything, because for SAC for Daniel Lee just an audience, but also the same and Shen Fei Li Ren said a lot will not say before, in fact, two people talk to each other to vent yourself comfortable, relatively Liren need more listeners, more because of his clandestine .
SAC has left more than four in the afternoon, but the SAC did not return home, Han Fei Shen knew Sophie was not so long back, and thus SAC drive on some of the main streets of the coastal city of slip a few times, mainly to see what changes in the surrounding, and some did not change, and some have changed, after half an hour drive home to see only Shen Fei Jing in, SAC also a little strange, Korea has not come back yet how soft ?

then saw Shen Fei Wang Jing said: “Allen, Sophie said Tuesday she will be back, as well as Hui sister and my sister would come, it seems that night to get together, to eat things I have already bought back. “

Shen Fei nodded, but still a little unfamiliar, Allen, Figo, have become a football star, Shen Fei thought or forget it, football star on the football star, right, appears not have identity.

SAC changed clothes sitting on the sofa to rest a little smoke a cigarette, but also with Han Xue and Zhang Hui soft back, Xue and Zhang Hui Shen Fei saw he rushed over, shot and Wang Fei There are snow hug Zhang Hui, Zhang Hui Han looked at Sophie laughed: “! Oh, you would not be jealous.”

Zhang Hui Han Sophie ignored the ridicule, just smiled and said:. “No, if you took the direct optimistic enough, I can also save just the food.”

Although Shen Fei ridicule but still feel a little depressed, the provincial food, but it is not a mouse, but it depressed depressed, Han Fei Shen Sophie did not want to argue, that the evening but to suffer, the toilet is not what washboard fun stuff.

Fei Shen Xue and Wang Jing looked ready to eat hot pot, Shen Fei thought it eat together eat hot pot does not know when to start almost became the law, anyway, no one would have thought in the past we break it, of course, SAC is not opposed to it, the task of cooking, but very heavy, so easy, we all do it.

eat when everyone will sink flying single thing ridicule, but also come up with an even Jing Gina album, there are songs that fly sink and Gina chorus, as well as singles Shen Fei Shen Fei also wonder how Gina album does have its own songs, never heard of such an arrangement Anthony ah.
Shen Fei
etc. look to take over immediately understood, piracy, SAC pretended to be angry and said: “Wang Jing, how can you support piracy it, you do not know me equals a lot less money?”

know what Jing very confidently said: “?. how I know, say not to buy pirated Do I have to buy two CD not so much convenience.”

SAC speechless, but also relieved, domestic piracy normal, hey, it seems that it really is more than living in a foreign country, but the SAC still think we should fight against piracy, or else who can make money.

SAC looked around, and Foreman if there Ouyang Zhuo Lin Shanshan, Zhong Ling in words like, but then also remembered Shen Fei Zhong Ling, Zhong Ling and myself back together, Han could not be called soft Zhong Ling, and Zhong Ling did not come, Shen Fei know there is definitely something, but SAC did not ask, and now this situation is not suitable to ask this.

drink after dinner chat with everyone, SAC also feel very relaxed, have to say this is the life you want to fly sink, if this is the case every day, Shen Fei would Lesi.

Then came Xue, Shen Fei waved, “Xue, you seem beautiful than before, yes, have a boyfriend yet, it should be ready to get married.”

but then found Xue Shen Fei has a look of sad.
one hundred and seventieth chapter money (two)

SAC glass down and said: “how do you have anything??”

Fei Xue Shen understand, ask yourself if something is not there and is in no way the case, Xue is definitely not the case, but some can not think Fei Shen Xue what can be so difficult.

Xue looked around hair